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10 Best Family Board Games for Friendly Competition

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There’s a chill in the air and the holidays are on the way, which means board game season is here! If your loved ones enjoy a little friendly competition during family gatherings, then now is the perfect time to upgrade your board game cache. From classic strategy games that have entertained people for decades to modern creations meant to get the whole room laughing, the best family board games are the ones that will get your loved ones off their devices and focused on having fun with each other.

But with so many options on the market, how do you know which games are studs and which ones are duds? We searched the web for the best family board games that will keep everyone happy, win or lose. (But hopefully win!) Below, take a look at our list of board games for players of all ages.


Phone Jail Escape Room Game

Uncommon Goods


Zooey and Jonathan love escape rooms, but they’ve probably never seen one like this! The whole premise guarantees your family won’t zone out on their smart devices on game night, because their phones will be under lock and key. Together, you’ll solve riddles to reveal the code and get the phones out of jail (at which point you can post about all the fun you’re having).


UNO Card Game in Storage Tin Box



Whether you’re shopping for someone else or need to replace your tattered, years-old UNO deck, this travel-friendly edition is the perfect find. It comes in a protective tin, so you can take it anywhere without worrying about damaging the deck.


What Do You Meme? Family Edition



Are your relatives constantly forwarding each other hilarious memes from all across the internet? Share your laughs IRL by matching clever captions with eye-catching photos, ultimately deciding once and for all who’s the funniest in the family.


Shut The Box Dice Game



Strategy meets excitement meets math in this game that will have the whole family putting on their thinking caps. It’s easy to learn, but mastering it takes a winning combination of skill and luck.


G8Central 10-in-1 Wooden Game Set



Why pick just one game when you can take home 10? With everything you need to play chess, backgammon, mancala, dominoes, and so much more, this all-in-one set will keep the family entertained for years to come.


Millennials vs. Boomers Trivia Game

Uncommon Goods


Family members from two distinct generations can go head-to-head in this trivia game that tests which group knows more about the other. Throw it in your bag, and you’re sure to up the energy level at any family gathering.


Taco vs Burrito + Foodie Expansion Bundle



Famously invented by a seven-year-old, this fast-moving card game is a hit with players of all ages. Sure, you can buy it on its own, but trust us, once you get your game on, you’ll want the expansion pack, too.


Do You Really Know Your Family?



Family bonding disguised as competition? Yes, please! By testing your knowledge of each other and engaging in laugh-inducing challenges, you’ll all be a lot closer by the time gameplay comes to an end.


Hedbanz: New Edition



This creative guessing game comes down to a simple question: What am I? Amusement ensues as players shout clues to help each other identify the person, place, or thing displayed on their headbands.


Classic Jenga Game



Classics are classics for a reason, and Jenga has been entertaining families, friends, and tipsy beer garden-goers for decades. The game is simple: Whoever makes the stack fall first loses.

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