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It’s Official: These Are the 10 Cutest Things to Do for Valentine’s Day

cute valentine's day ideas

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If we know Cupid (or Cupids, in the case of Drew and Jonathan), we know that little cherub would want you and your special someone to be flooded with love this Valentine’s Day. And we also think we’d know of some cute Valentine’s Day ideas he’d have up his sleeve for you. It’s not always easy coming up with something special to do for your favorite person. A pre-planned dinner reservation? So thoughtful, but sometimes you want to go above and beyond. Breakfast in bed or an at-home spa day? Incredibly sweet, but what if you want to incorporate something a bit more uncommon?

Of course, there’s no going wrong with a romantic dinner, kind gestures, or your classic chocolate and roses—and don’t shy away from doing so! But when you really want to make your person feel special, it’s worth going the extra mile to make it happen. Does that mean you have to go totally over-the-top planning it out? Not unless you want to. We’ve come up with some totally unique, unexpected, and heartfelt things to do on Valentine’s Day so you and your sweetie, the whole family, or just yourself can enjoy the day of love, whether you want to go big and bold, or keep it charming and simple.

1. Surprise Them with Tickets to a Ballet or Musical ($$ – $$$)

Classic, timeless, elegant…There is really no going wrong with this one. Tickets to a winter ballet or musical in town is just about as dreamy as it gets. Put on a suit and tie, a darling dress, or your best attire, and enjoy the romantic night together at the theater. Be sure to check out the World Ballet Company site to see if there’s a showing of Swan Lake coming near you, or research your local performance theater’s schedule to see what musicals and ballets are playing in town.

2. Open a Cookbook and Create a 4-Course Meal From Its Pages ($ – $$)

cute valentine’s day ideas

While it doesn’t have to be a four-course meal, it would be exceptionally fun to play chef and try it out together. But however many dishes you decide to make, putting those cookbooks on your shelf to good use is a fantastic way to spend the evening without breaking the bank. Grab a recently-gifted cookbook or one passed down from generations, gather your cooking supplies, and play your favorite playlist while you whip up a beautiful home-cooked meal.

3. Recreate Your First Date ($$)

Do you remember the butterflies you felt on your first-ever date together? Take it right back to that moment you shared your first glimpse at romance. You can even recreate your outfits you wore from that night. It doesn’t matter if you’ve moved away from the town you met in or if you’ve planted roots there. Recreating the scene is all about getting creative. If it was at that little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant down the road, make a reservation there (bonus points if you request the table you originally sat at). If it was a sweet and simple coffee date, take them on a romantic walk through town and end at your favorite café. And if you just can’t leave the house that day, recreate the memory at home. They’ll love that you made an effort to remind them of such a special time together.

4. Book a Class Together ($$ – $$$)

cute valentine’s day ideas

Trying new things together never gets old. In fact, sometimes it ends up creating the very best memories. You may even discover a newfound passion for salsa dancing or baking that you would have never known you loved otherwise. So what better day to nudge one another out of your comfort zones and mix it up a little bit? Surprising your partner with a spontaneous Valentine’s Day date to a pottery class, cooking class, or even a wine tasting class together will allow yourselves to stay adventurous together.

5. Get Crafty and Make a Scrapbook ($)

All those family photos you keep saying you’ll put in a photo album or scrapbook eventually? Tonight’s the night to actually get it started! The two of you, or even the whole family, can collect all those beautiful pictures and take turns creating scrapbook pages. Use pens, washi tape, and even small sentimental objects to craft pages full of love. It’s a cute Valentine’s Day idea that’s heartwarming and creative. You can look back on all your special moments together, share stories, and maybe even get reminded of some fond times you forgot about.

6. Play the Stoplight Game ($ – $$$)

The rules are simple: Set a timer (make it as specific as possible, like 23 minutes) and go for a walk or a drive together. The stoplights are your guide. Only follow green lights or arrows until the timer buzzes. Then, wherever you are, stop or park the car and enter whatever the nearest business is in front of you! It’s like having fate take the lead, and you’ll never know where you’ll end up. Maybe you’ll enjoy a meal somewhere you’ve never been before. Or perhaps there will be a vintage store you’ve never noticed that you can go antiquing in for an hour. Keep an open mind and embrace whatever place it is that you find yourselves in.

7. Have a Day With the Kids—And Let Them Lead! ($)

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. There’s plenty of cute Valentine’s Day ideas you can do with kids, too. Normally, the parents are the ones in charge. But how fun would it be to swap places for a day? Set some ground rules (like, maybe Disney World isn’t happening), and then let the little ones take the reins. It’ll be nice to not have to worry about planning, and the kids will have a blast. So if that means ice cream for breakfast? I mean, we’re not complaining…

8. Get Dressed Up to Go Nowhere ($)

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed to impress! Plan your at-home date night—whether that means a candlelit dinner for two, a movie marathon, or a cocktail and board game night—but get dressed like you’re going downtown. It’s a fun way to make the date feel that much more romantic. You can even present your Valentine with a new piece of jewelry or a sweater they’ve been eyeing. Get dressed separately and make a “reservation,” showing up in the dining room at that time for an adorable night in together.

9. Splurge On a Staycation ($$$)

Sometimes, it’s out of the question to go on a last-minute vacay to a woodland sanctuary or beachfront oasis. Life is busy, and a spontaneous trip is not always possible. So how do you get away without really getting away? Book a staycation. Research an Airbnb in the city or a boutique hotel downtown and surprise your Valentine with the hotel confirmation. Then, you two can really get some quality time together in a beautiful place that’ll feel like a vacation, minus the dreaded traveling aspect. It’s one of those cute Valentine’s day ideas that will really make your person feel special.

10. Play Pretend ($ – $$$)

Just because you grew up doesn’t mean you have to stop feeling young. Do you have a favorite couple from a TV show you love? Dress up and go play pretend in the city, recreating a date they had on the show or somewhere they loved to hang out. Or is there something you’ve always wanted to do together but think it might be a little silly? Be spontaneous! Whatever you do, embrace being together and letting yourselves enjoy the ride. And don’t take it too seriously, just have fun.

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