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Download Our Free Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

valentine's day coloring pages

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Do you remember being in elementary school and gifting classmates and teachers valentines? You’d sit in class on Valentine’s Day with your cards ready, decorated with hearts and complete with Hershey’s kisses or a little box of Smarties candy taped to the front, and exchange them with all your friends. It’s one of the simplest joys of being a kid: writing little notes, coloring, and being creative. You can spark that joy again this season by downloading our free printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages for your little ones. Because, well, we still love spreading the love!

So while you’re shopping for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts or picking out something sweet for the kiddos, they can keep occupied with their miniature masterpieces. We’ve created cute heart coloring pages and fun chocolate bar coloring pages, as well as some valentines they can hand out to all their friends at school. Time for arts and crafts with Cupid! (And if you’re hoping to shop with Cupid, we have ideas for you there, too.)


Candy Hearts

valentines day coloring pages

Looking for a cute take on a classic Valentine’s Day treat? Our candy heart printable can be colored with the rainbow or strictly red and pink to keep with the holiday theme. Your choice!


Chocolate Bars

valentines day chocolate coloring page

Hey all you chocolate lovers out there! Grab your crayons and color your candy bars exactly how you like ’em (we’re big fans of raspberry chocolate here). The only downside is that coloring these sweets might make your mouth water, so maybe keep some chocolate bars handy for if (ahem, when) that happens.


Wavy Hearts

valentines day hearts

Our swirly hearts design is a groovy new spin on your traditional drawing. The little ones can color them tie-dye for a rockin’ 70s feel, or go their own way and draw some tiny doodles inside.


Curlicue Hearts

valentines day coloring

Sweet little curlicue hearts are so fun to doodle, and even more fun to color in afterward. They can even draw in some Valentine’s characters or Cupid’s arrows through some of the hearts. By the way, it wouldn’t look to shabby hung up on the fridge afterward, either.


Roses Are…

vday printable

Roses are red…or yellow, or blue, or green. This floral printable Valentine’s Day coloring page will have them swirling in a wonderland of colors and shapes for a while. Reminiscent of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the rose design here might even be fun to print out for movie night, too.


Cute Valentines to Color

Let the kids take the wheel on their valentines this year instead of buying the pre-made versions from the store. They can have total creative control of what color sunglasses this cute llama ends up wearing. And hey, who’s to say Brachiosauruses weren’t actually pink?


Pre-Colored Valentines

Need last-minute valentines for school? If you’re running low on time, we’ve got you covered. Their friends are sure to get a giggle out of these cute little cards.


Download All of Our Free Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

valentines day coloring pages

And if you just can’t pick one you like, why not download them all and print off a bunch for the youngsters to color together?

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