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4th of july decorations

20 Best 4th of July Decorations for a Star-Spangled Holiday

They're red, white, and blue-tiful!

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smart home setup

Creating the Smarter Smart Home

The gadgets that will make your life just a little bit easier.

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marlee matlin celebrity iou

Marlee Matlin’s Heartwarming Surprise for Her Friend Lisa

This new and improved backyard was life-changing for her.

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15 Best Outdoor Lounge Chairs for Relaxing in the Sun

Warning: Backyard soon to be everyone's favorite spot to chill.

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drew and jonathan scott with brother jd scott and dad jim

Shop Drew and Jonathan’s Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2024

Dad's going to love these gift ideas from the Bros.

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backed by the bros episode 1 premiere

Backed By The Bros: Money Pit Turned Stunning Short-Term Rental

A once discouraging investment has now become a beautiful new opportunity.

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drew scott baby piper's hand

Drew and Linda’s Second Baby Is Here!

"We are over the moon.”

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best outdoor poufs, modern backyard with seating

15 Best Outdoor Poufs for Seating and Style

Cozy and functional cushions for your outdoor oasis.

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best hand towels for bathroom

10 Best Hand Towels for a More Stylish Bathroom

A plush way to refresh your washroom.

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best dressers and chests, beautiful light wood dresser

20 Best Dressers and Chests for Stylish Storage

Clothes and clutter, meet your (stylish) match.

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best dad jokes

45+ Best Dad Jokes Ever That Are Funny, Corny, and Just Plain Bad

What does a baby computer call his father? Data.

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best eclectic decor ideas

15 Best Eclectic Decor Ideas for a Unique Home

Mix and match for a truly unique home.

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