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The Punch List: Tiling the Bathroom and Giving It an Upgrade

Your bathroom should feel like a spa, whether it’s big or small. To make that happen, you need things like a bathroom vanity you love, great storage ideas to keep the place streamlined, and even thoughtful touches like wall decor to add personality. But something you absolutely must have? A floor. Unfortunately for homeowner Lizeth, that wasn’t the case…for five whole years. So who better to reach out to for tiling the bathroom floor than our favorite contractor, Jonathan? Not only can he pull off the makeover quickly, we also know he has great taste. Just look at the main suite at his and Zooey’s house! 

So today we’re throwing it back to an old episode of The Punch List. Let’s watch as Jonathan takes Lizeth’s space and transforms it by tiling the bathroom. You’ll be amazed at how one project can completely transform a room. (And her shower experience!) 

Step 1: Out With the Old

First things first, the old flooring has to go. Lizeth’s master bathroom was half linoleum and half bare plywood so we had to rip out the old linoleum and remove the toilet. A note: If you’re planning on redoing your bathroom floor, always make sure to wear protective eyewear when removing the old flooring. 

Step 2: In With the New

With a good foundation, the new bathroom tiling is ready to go in. Jonathan and his team staggered rectangular tiles to create a timeless look that Lizeth and her family can enjoy for years.

We know life gets in the way sometimes—especially when you have a new house and a growing family. Lizeth and her husband started their bathroom floor remodel when she was pregnant with their twins, but when she was placed on bedrest other priorities took over. Thankfully Jonathan’s team was able to finally complete this punch list project for them!

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