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January, 2023 | Mandy Schremmer

Brother Vs. Brother: Main Bedroom & Bathroom – Season 8, Episode 3

Brother Vs. Brother: Main Bedroom Magic

Two challenges in on Brother Vs. Brother season 8, and Drew’s racked up two wins. Jonathan’s determined to take him down in the main bedroom suite challenge, but Drew has another surprise up his sleeve.

Jasmine Roth is going to decide which brother pulls off the biggest renovation trick and the winner will get to perform their magic again at the Magic Castle. Only this time, they’ll be sawing the loser in half!

Drew’s Hillside Hospitality

Each time I’ve gone big, and I’m not ready to go home yet with this challenge. Jonathan thinks I’m working with just the original main bedroom, but I’m going to take the additional dwelling unit and attach it to the house to create one massive bedroom suite.

Drew’s Before & After

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Drew’s Design Highlights

A Storybook Oasis

This bedroom suite is something buyers have never seen before. Light hardwood floors, elegant furnishings, and a one-of-a kind wall mural all come together to create a charming yet peaceful oasis.

Custom Closet Organization

There’s nothing I love more than a good closet storage system. For like-minded organization nerds, this custom closet is a dream come true. Barn doors slide open to reveal beautiful wood-tone shelves that wrap around the entire space.

Luxurious Living

I wanted every inch of this bathroom to exude luxury. From the bookmarked porcelain slab dividing the shower and water closet to the stately free-standing tub, these finely crafted details are what’s going to win me this challenge.

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Jonathan’s Oceanside Bliss

I am not going to lose this round, even if that means loosening up my budget. Drew laughed at my main bedroom before, but once I combine it with the neighboring guest bedroom, it will become the envy of the neighborhood.

Jonathan’s Before & After

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Jonathan’s Resource Guide

Jonathan’s Design Highlights

Wake Up and Enjoy the View

What’s the point of having such a great location if you can’t appreciate it? To maximize the natural lighting, I added french doors that lead right out into the backyard, so that homeowners can start their day by taking in the beautiful ocean view.

Walk-In Wonder

You can rarely go wrong by adding a walk-in closet to the main bedroom suite. The wallpaper gives it geometric-styled glamor, while the wood-tone drawers keep the space airy and relaxing.

Modern Marvels

Now’s not the time to hold back, so I made sure the main bathroom was a modern masterpiece. Its serene spa-like atmosphere, herringbone shower tile, and gold accents will be irresistible to buyers.

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