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On Location with HGTV: Backyard Reno

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Indoor/outdoor living is here to stay, so roll out the green carpet and make your backyard the star of your home.

We’ve all spent a lot more time outdoors over the past few summers. This means our backyards have gone from an occasional hangout spot to an essential part of the home—and they deserve just as much attention to detail as any room in your house.

Maximize Your Space With Special Features

You can’t go wrong with fire and water. An outdoor fireplace extends your yard’s usefulness into winter. Don’t have a budget for a pool? There are a number of nice inflatable pool and hot tub options out there. Just be sure your installation spot is level, and have any electrical work needed done by a licensed electrician.

In The Kitchen

We’ve seen a big spike in requests for outdoor kitchens, which makes sense—no one wants to make tons of trips from the grill to the house. Typically, we suggest that outdoor kitchens consist of a grill, an outdoor oven, a fridge, and lots of storage space. When crafting this area, it’s key to choose materials that stand up to the elements. Concrete and stone are great options. Get a lot of rain where you live? Consider a covered pavilion or pergola.

Think Beyond Grass

Lawn maintenance can eat up a lot of time, water, and money—if you let it. But there are a variety of landscaping and hardscaping options (and even strategically placed artificial turf) that can save on all of these things. Not sure what’s best for your space? Consider consulting with a landscape architect before you begin; they can weigh in on what’s possible, suggest native plants, and make you aware of any local regulations that you’ll need to follow.

Make Room For Some Fun

A swing set is great for the little ones, but we’ve found that it’s also a good idea to find ways to make your backyard playful for people of all ages. Inexpensive additions like a bocce court or a bean bag toss can provide entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike.

Backyard Must-Haves

1. This gorgeous oasis (see above) has everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors—including a pizza oven and a wine fridge! Note the landscaping decisions: Hardscape gravel for the dining space allows for good drainage, with a high-quality turf for low-maintenance greenery.

2. An outdoor fireplace is dramatic and inviting, especially when paired with a comfortable and sleek seating area. This is one we put together for Celebrity IOU. Outdoor fabrics have come a long way! Many are just as stylish as indoor-furniture materials, plus they have great waterproofing.

3. We’ve worked on lots of places with old pools or hot tubs that only needed a little love. Once we got this hot tub back in tip-top shape, we just had to surround it with quality decking and a seating area to complete the look.

4. When we started working on this home, the patio wasn’t initially part of the scope of work—but we simply couldn’t let it go unused. Wood tile was placed over existing concrete, a bright rug added a needed pop, and we finished the look with complementary furniture for a high-reward transformation.

5. We tucked this kitchen right off the home. The concrete countertops look sleek and modern but are also totally weather-friendly—an important characteristic for any outdoor area.

By Drew & Jonathan | All home images courtesy of HGTV | Product images courtesy of the brands

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Drew & Jonathan’s home and lifestyle magazine.

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