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How to Make Your Fall Decor Last Through Winter

Fall to Winter Decor Fireplace

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It seems like the seasons change faster and faster each year. You blink and suddenly you’re trading your light fall jacket for winter boots! This time of year can be tricky, especially when it comes to transitioning from fall to winter. But there are plenty of subtle tricks and easy switches you can make to seamlessly transition your fall decor to winter decor ideas. Over the years, we’ve come up with some sneaky ways to make your home feel like it’s been completely redecorated each season without having to actually completely redecorate. So quick and easy!

We love decorating for the holidays around here, but we also love making the process as easy as possible so we can focus on the most important part: Spending time with our loved ones. The holidays are such a busy time of year, and there’s no need to complicate it more by changing out every single piece of fall decor for a winter item. Utilizing staple, neutral decor pieces to center your space and swapping in seasonal additions is a great way to keep the redecorating process simple and fun.

Multifunctional Woven Baskets

The best baskets are a staple in any home, especially woven ones. They’re functional, reasonably priced, and because they’re made of natural materials, they’ll mesh well in any room. In the living room, the basket can hold cozy blankets and pillows; in the bathroom, it can be used to store fresh towels, toilet paper, or linens. They’re easy to move around and pop new items into seasonally as well, like potpourri or scented pinecones in the fall and firewood in the colder months.

Bring Something Special to Your Mantel

Switching up the way your mantel, buffet, or countertop is dressed can completely change the ambiance of a room. In the fall months, we recommend placing pumpkins, gourds, or acorns along your shelf. Whereas for winter decor ideas, you may opt to tie in winterberries, garlands, pinecones, or juniper stems. You can also have fun playing with color and texture (like in this chic pearled pumpkin from Z Gallerie), while still incorporating staple items that won’t necessarily change out seasonally, like wooden candlestick holders or scenic landscape paintings.

Ceramic Vases and Seasonal Stems

Ceramic vases, mason jars, or wooden bowls are fabulous staple decor items that won’t need to be changed season-to-season. Purchase a vase or bowl that you love and that won’t stand out amongst your permanent decor. Then, you can simply change out the stems or florals depending on the season. Fall botanics might include chestnut leaf or pampas grass. Winter decor ideas can include eucalyptus, cranberries, or cedar branches.

Versatile Wreaths and Unique Botanicals

No need to buy a new wreath each season! (Though who doesn’t love a live fragrant balsam wreath during the holidays?) You can keep a burlap, artificial cedar, or twig wreath on your door and switch out accents and materials depending on what’s seasonally available. We’ve been loving dried fruits, poinsettia flowers, and holly on winter wreaths. A pop of color, especially when it comes as an organic material, is both tasteful and inspired.

Cozy Scented or Beeswax Candles

Is there anything more inviting and cozy than the smell of a freshly lit candle when you enter someone’s home during the holidays? Taking your jacket off at the door while a Christmas spruce scent wafts through the air is one of the simplest joys. And it’s so easy to swap out candles to match the season. You can place a linen scented candle in the bathroom, a nutty amber candle in the living room, or whatever makes you feel most at home. And if you’re sensitive to scents, that’s okay too! Unscented taper beeswax candles will still give off that cozy candlelight ambiance.

A Table to Match Your Environment

For a tablescape that looks straight out of a magazine, incorporating natural florals and materials is a must. A burlap table runner, white dinner plates, and linen napkins are the recipe for a perfect neutral background for any season, while switching out the centerpieces will help create a festive tablescape. Pumpkins, cornucopia, and decorative orange and brown foliage will center the table in autumn. And when winter comes around, lining the center of the table with ornaments or faux snow, pinecones, and decorative trees will be the perfect touch.

Switch Up Your Textures

Mixing up textures is important in any season, and it’s such an easy way to keep any room interesting. Switching out throw pillow covers or swapping your orange plaid blanket for a chunky knit blanket is an easy and affordable way to redecorate depending on the season or holiday. Winter decor ideas may include log candlestick holders, faux fur pillow covers, or even adding ribbons to your fireplace. We always encourage you to add in a plant, too! Bringing the outdoors in is going to create a lived-in feel that makes your space more comfortable and cozy.

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