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Anatomy of An Artful Entryway

It’s so much more than just a place to toss your keys, says Los Angeles–based designer Amy Sklar of Amy Sklar Design: “It sets the tone for the rest of your home and should be well-functioning and beautifully put together!” Here are some easy tips for creating a hardworking (and pretty!) place to hang your hat.

wallpapered entryway with mirror number labels

1. Make a Statement

Since entryways are usually small spaces, they’re a great place to use pattern and color, says Sklar (@amysklardesign): “Try using a bold wallpaper as a feature wall. This is a scene-setter space, so have fun with it!”

2. Mirror, Mirror

If your entryway is narrow or dark, just add a mirror. “It really helps to visually open up a space and reflect the light, making it feel brighter,” according to Sklar. “Plus, it’s great for what my family calls ‘last looks’ before heading out the door.”

3. Go Green

When in doubt, adding flowers to a space always improves it. “I buy two bunches of lilies a week for my front-hall table, and my whole house smells amazing,” Sklar says. Tip: Sculptural branches or greenery usually last longer and cost less but make just as much of an impact.

4. Basket Case

Corral outside toys, hats, and scarves in baskets by your front-hall table for easy, stylish storage. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to throw all of your pet’s on-the-go gear. “Keep a towel in the basket to wipe muddy paws before they have a chance to destroy your floors,” Sklar advises.

5. Hit the Floor

“Rugs in an entryway are a great way to ‘soften the landing,’ ” Sklar says. She suggests getting one that’s washable and adding a pad to protect the floor and keep the rug from slipping around.

By Hannah Baker | Photograph by Lisa Romerein/Otto

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