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8 Best Yoga Mats to Get Your Practice Going

Best Yoga Mats

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Whether you’re a beginner yogi or practice a few times a week, a yoga mat is an essential accessory to own. But with so many options out there, you may need help narrowing down what you’re looking for. Do you want more support for your joints? Do you need a thin travel mat for your on-the-go lifestyle? How about a mat with a non-slip surface to keep you grounded during hot yoga? The best yoga mats will accommodate both your frequency and type of use, and keep you comfortable during your practice.

Since there are so many yoga mat options available, it’s important to find thoroughly tested, but also highly-rated and reliable picks. You’ll want something that’ll support your personal practice as well, whether you’re a HIIT fanatic, an at-home pilates guru, or a strength training enthusiast. Whatever your needs or fitness level, there’s a perfect yoga mat for you. Be it in your home gym, your living room, or at the studio across town, our top-picks will keep your practice zen anywhere.


Best for Hot Yoga

The Reversible Mat



This reversible 5-mm mat has two different textures, one of which is excellent for those hot yoga classes. On one side, there is a natural rubber and a lightly-textured grip for less sweat-prone practices. On the other, there is a polyurethane top layer that allows for more grip during extra-sweaty sessions. The mat’s antimicrobial properties will also help prevent mold and mildew over time. One five-star reviewer wrote: “This mat is so sticky in the best way. You will not slip no matter what and you don’t even need a towel during hot yoga.”


Best for Serious Yogis

Chakra Warrior Mat

Alo Yoga


Alo Yoga’s yoga mats are a cult-fave for a reason. They’re anti-odor, moisture-wicking, non-slip wet or dry, and the mats’ natural rubber backing offers serious cushioning. This Chakra Warrior Mat has all of that, plus one extra feature that makes it perfect for serious yogis: an asana-guiding grid etched right into the mat to help guide your flow.


Best Splurge

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat



This is the PRO mat that your yoga teacher or fitness instructor probably uses (and it’s well worth the money.) Hand-crafted in an emissions-free facility in Germany, it’s well-cushioned at 6-mm thick, and made with latex-free OEKO-TEX PVC. There’s a textured non-slip top layer that will break in over time, made to comfortably cushion your spine, knees, and elbows. It’s also slip-resistant without being too sticky. This has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, with one five-star reviewer writing: “The mat’s superior grip and cushioning provide the perfect balance of comfort and stability, essential for learning new poses.”


Best Low-Impact Mat

Hugger Mugger Ultra Yoga Mat



The Hugger Mugger is another popular brand among those who practice yoga, and one of the reasons is likely because of how affordable it is compared to some other big brands. It comes well-cushioned, with a non-slip surface that’s especially great for sitting, kneeling, and lying poses. The 0.25-inch thickness is especially good for those who worry about sore joints. For this price, it’s a great low-impact mat.


Best Mat for Beginners

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Mat



Extra-thick yoga mats are gentler on joints and are made for more therapeutic yoga, or for beginners who aren’t used to kneeling and stretching on hard floors. It’s also great for restorative yoga sessions, where there are fewer poses, but held for longer stretches of time. This mat from Gaiam is 10-mm thick and also comes with a strap for easy transport. At under $25, it’s a great first-time mat for at-home yogis or those who haven’t yoga consistently before.


Best Lightweight Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Lite Yoga Mat



Thinner, lighter mats are better for more active yoga, or poses that require some serious balance, so they’re better suited for more advanced yogis. However, it’s important to make sure there’s a textured surface to prevent slipping during these harder poses, which is why this Manduka mat is so great. It has all of the benefits of the original mat, like the latex-free PVC and the grip, but it’s just a bit thinner. Reviewers say it’s extra shock-absorbent for more high-intensity workouts, too. 


Best Natural Rubber Mat

JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat



JadeYoga’s mats are all made from sustainably-sourced natural rubber. This is just one of the ways this brand minimizes its environmental impact, as natural rubber is rapidly renewable. JadeYoga is also dedicated to giving back, and have helped plant over 2 million trees. But the mat also has exceptional grip and cushion to offer better stability during practice. There are a number of different mat lengths as well, up to 80 inches, so it’s a great option for taller folks, too. 


Best Travel Mat

JadeYoga Travel Yoga Mat



Light, thin mats that can fold up into carry-ons are a must-have for those who wouldn’t dream of giving up their mat exercises on vacation. This JadeYoga travel mat is made of the same natural rubber as the original mats, but it’s much thinner and lighter, so it’s perfect for packing. It’s even great for commuters who might want to hit the gym after work without packing a thicker mat. It’s 0.125 inches thick and weighs just around 3 lbs.

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