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10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Al Fresco Parties


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With the right lighting you can gather outdoors long after the sun goes down—and make a style statement. One way to light up your yard at night? With the best outdoor solar lights. They’ll illuminate any outdoor space, from your front porch to your backyard, in the most beautiful way. Whether you enjoy hosting friends and family in your yard or relaxing with a nighttime cocktail on your deck, there’s plenty of solar lighting options to make your space glow, from LED solar lights and hanging solar lights to solar string lights. (Bonus: Outdoor solar spotlights placed strategically around your home are also ideal for extra security.)

Solar lights are powered by the sun, which cuts down on energy costs and harnesses a renewable energy source—a win for both your wallet and the environment. Another benefit to choosing this type of lighting? While you can certainly splurge on outdoor solar lights, you really don’t need to. Budget-friendly options are everywhere! To help you choose the best solar lighting for your outdoor space, we’ve rounded up some fantastic options at a variety of different price points. Whether you want to light up an outdoor lounge area or make your outdoor dining sets more cozy, these options will get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Lumens Is Best for Solar Lights?

Lumens measure the brightness of a light source. In general, you’ll need at least 100 lumens per square foot of outdoor space. For areas that require bright light—say, a backyard pool—you’ll want to choose a solar light option with a higher lumens rating, and you may want to increase your lumens per square foot. Light with a lower lumens rating is better for areas that need dimmer lighting, like landscape lighting or dining lighting that’s intended to be more decorative than anything else.

How Do I Choose the Best Outdoor Solar Lights?

The best solar lights address your exact needs perfectly. You can use solar lights to add decorating to your landscaping, or to illuminate an area for entertaining. Bright solar lights add extra security to your outdoor area, from your front porch to shadowy areas in your backyard.

What Is the Best Wattage for Outdoor Solar Lights?

Watts indicate how much energy a light bulb consumes, while lumens measure the brightness of a light source—so you’ll want to consider both wattage and lumens when you choose outdoor solar lights for your space. For the best wattage for outdoor lights aim for a selection that’s 40 watts or lower.

How Long Should Outdoor Solar Lights Last?

Outdoor solar lights last from six months to two years, based on factors such as your maintenance and the harshness of the weather where you live.


Best Outdoor Solar Lights Overall

AloftSun Motion Sensor Solar Outdoor Lights



These durable motion sensor spotlights are ideal for security, with three different lighting modes so you can customize how bright the light is according to your needs.


Best Outdoor Solar String Lights

Brightech Ambiance Pro Solar Powered String Lights



These commercial-grade patio lights are built to last—and they help create an enchanting outdoor space for entertaining. They’re available for purchase in two different sizes and brightness levels, too.


Best Solar Christmas Lights

Brightown 66Ft. Solar String Lights



You can use these charming fairy lights all year round, indoors or outdoors. Wind them around a balcony or deck railing, or string them in the branches of a backyard tree. There’s eight different lighting modes, and you can add a little motion to the mix by choosing the twinkle or wave setting.


Best Solar Flood Lights

Hampton Bay LED Outdoor Solar Spotlight

Home Depot


These LED flood lights are another solid option for helping secure your outdoor space. Line your driveway with a set, or use them to illuminate shadowy spots in your backyard. They’re easy to install, and come with an adjustable head.


Best Hanging Solar Lights

MAGGIFT Hanging Solar Lights



These LED lanterns are a charming addition to any outdoor entertaining space. They’re made with thick plastic, so they’re light enough to hang on the branches of a tree. If it’s windy out, you can arrange them around your deck or patio.


Best Solar Wall Lights

Eddy Aluminum LED Outdoor Wall Light



If you like modern decor, this sleek number is worth a splurge. It’s crafted from rust-resistant aluminum and rated for wet spaces. It’s slim design means it can fit almost anywhere (even in narrow spots next to doorways), and it’s compatible with dimmer switches. You can also choose from four different neutral colors.


Best Solar Pathway Lights

Haitral Paradise By NEX Low Voltage Solar Pathway Light Kit



Talk about a great deal! Illuminate your driveway or garden pathway with these solar-powered beauties. They’re easy to install, as well.


Best Modern Solar Lighting

Floor Solar Lights, Set of 2



This set will instantly elevate your deck or patio, and it lights up your space beautifully. They also come with ground stakes, so you can easily set them up in your yard as well.


Best LED Solar Lights for Decks

SOLPEX Outdoor Solar Deck Lights



These easy-to-install lights are ideal for your deck railing or fence to illuminate pathways and elevate the ambiance of your outdoor space.


Best Solar Spotlights for the Outdoors

NYMPHY Outdoor Solar Lights



In addition to illuminating a pathway, these lights are a wonderful way to showcase a beautiful tree or landscaping. They come in three colors, including a multi-color option for colorful landscape decor.

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