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Amazon Pet Day Is Here! Shop Paw-Some Deals Now

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If you have a pet, you know how quickly they become part of the family. These four-legged pals bring companionship, cuddles, and so much more. That’s why we love spoiling them every chance we get…and Amazon’s Pet Day 2024 is giving us yet another reason to shower them with treats, toys, and any little goodies we can get our hands on.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best dog bed for your pup or a new collar for your kitty, there are lots of amazing Amazon Pet Day sales to take advantage of when the sale starts on May 7. Want to stock up on essentials like cat litter? Need another toy for your dog to shred? Or maybe you’re ready to invest in a camera so you can check in (and talk to them in your pet voice) while you’re out of the house? No matter the need, Amazon’s got great discounts to snag. Ahead, find some of our favorite Amazon Pet Day deals happening now.  

Best Amazon Pet Day Deals for Dogs

If you’re training a new puppy, then there are lots of great items on sale right now, including treats, training pads, crates, and more. For your well-trained BFFs, there are dog beds, toys, oh…and did we say treats already? We know they want plenty of those, no matter their age.

Best Amazon Pet Day Deals for Cats

Anyone who owns a cat knows—they can be fickle friends! Stay on their good side with play towers, scratch pads, and a few toys they’re sure to ignore. (But you know they want them anyways!)

Best Amazon Pet Day Staff Picks

The DrewandJonathan.com staff are big pet people! We’ve curated a list of products we love (and that really work) for our own animals, from pet hair removers to car seat covers and cat trees.

Best Devices on Sale for Amazon Pet Day

Smart home products aren’t just for the house anymore! Shop GPS trackers, self-cleaning litter boxes, and other tech-y finds.

Everyday Essentials on Sale for Amazon Pet Day

No matter what kind of pet you have, you always need the essentials. Food mats, brushes, water fountains, and more are on deep discount right now.

10 Best Pet Hair Removers That Actually Work

Say goodbye to all that pet hair!

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