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Inside The Design(s): May 26 HGTV Forever Home Marathon

There’s an all-new Property Brothers: Forever Home episode at 8 p.m. et/7 ct tonight, so why not prepare with a Forever Home marathon right now on HGTV?

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House Proud (Season 1, Episode 12)

Michelle and Chris are high-school sweethearts who grew up in the same neighborhood where they’ve also raised their two teenage daughters. After 12 years in their house, they’re ready to get rid of their hand-me-down furniture and dated layout in order to create a home that everyone can be proud of. 

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Teenager In The House (S4, E8)

Jill and Jim moved into their suburban Las Vegas home 10 years ago to give their young daughter Sophia room to grow, and now she’s a preteen! The 90’s-style kitchen is tight and feels like an afterthought, while their dining space can’t accommodate their family gatherings. We arrived to help find more space so their home can continue to grow with them. 

The New Hub of the Neighborhood (S3, E5)

Ten years ago, Mark and Colette fell in love with a real fixer-upper and were determined to renovate it themselves. But with three active kids under the age of two, family life took over and their dream renovations were put on hold.

Do It For The Kids (S4, E9)

Katie and Jason moved into their Las Vegas home two years ago to achieve their dream of helping kids by becoming foster parents. We reworked the entire main floor to provide a warm, welcoming vibe while fulfilling the state’s safety requirements for fostering.

With Neighbors This Good (S3, E11)

Brooke and Ben used to live abroad and moved houses eight times in 10 years. Seven years ago, they decided to return home to raise their kids and settled in a neighborhood surrounded by an incredible community. 

Come On Over (S2, E11)

Steph and Chris love their neighborhood. They’ve lived in their home for 15 years, during which they’ve added two kids to the mix. They can’t imagine leaving their tight-knit community, so they were looking to make their space more flexible for everyone else.

Family Heirloom Home (S3, E9)

Nicole’s grandfather built their home in the 1950s. The home is rich with family history, and Nicole and husband Graeme are happy as can be, raising their three kids in the home she grew up in. But a house that used to work for three people was no longer functioning for their family of five. 

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A Bit of Vegas Glam (S4, E13)

Lisa and Jay recently moved from Dallas to the Las Vegas suburbs to be closer to Lisa’s sister and her family. They love the backyard, and the house has great bones, but they needed us to turn the kitchen, living room and dining room into the hosting and entertaining epicenter of their dreams.

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