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Inside The Design(s): June 17 HGTV Marathon

Kicking back with the latest Property Brothers marathon? Dive deep into the designs you’re seeing now, then join us for an all-new Property Brothers: Forever Home at 9 et|8 ct on HGTV.

Island Getaway (Season 14, Episode 18)

Shaly and Leonel moved to Las Vegas ten years ago to open their own insurance agency but were never quite convinced they’d be there forever. Two kids, three business offices, and multiple rentals later, they’re finally ready to admit they’re sticking around and are eager to put down roots. 

Tear Downs and I Dos (S14, E14)

Adam moved in with his fiancĂ©, Lara, and her three rescue dogs shortly after they got engaged. It didn’t take long to realize that things were a bit too tight for anyone’s liking—including the large pups. 

Fit to Reno (S14, E15)

Terin and Bryan met while working together nearly 20 years ago, and they’ve spent the time since moving around the country and building their businesses—he’s a partner at a consulting firm and she owns a fitness travel company. They’re finally ready to settle down, find their dream home, and they want no detail spared in the process!

New Start, New Home, New Memories (S14, E10)

Carolyn and Javier recently got married and combined households, so our job was to find this newly blended family a home that would feel like “theirs”—not “his” or “hers.” To get there, it was important to make sure there was something for everyone: a gourmet kitchen for Carolyn, a spacious garage for Javier to work on his vintage cars, and a pool for the kids.

Owning An Oasis (S14, E13)

After renting for more than a decade, Mike and Sophia were more than ready to be homeowners. The young couple moved to Las Vegas last year for a job opportunity and were ready to upgrade to an open-concept home with a large yard for their two energetic pups. 

A Home To Hug (S14, E11)

Darryl fell in love with Nevada’s mountains and desert when he was stationed in the area back in the ’80s. Now that the military man is semi-retired, he wanted to make his favorite vacation town his hometown, and he enlisted his daughter, Alex, to help him find the perfect place. 

Strength In Numbers (S14, E12)

With seven kids plus a baby on the way, Austin and Cody needed a home that would comfortably fit a family of 10. Since most houses simply aren’t built for that many people, we knew that whatever we found would have to undergo some major renovations to make it work.

Blending Vibes (S14, E16)

Karina and Sam had been living in a lovely, contemporary condo just off the Vegas strip. The place had served them well in their early years together, but as new parents—they recently welcomed their young daughter, Emiliana—they were ready for something more family friendly. 

Family Flashback: Kirsti & Jeff (Forever Home S2, E9)

When Kirsti and Jeff moved into their forever home seven years ago, they had no idea they’d be adding a couple of kiddos to their crew. Now, with both of them making major life changes in order to spend more time with family, they’ll need the home they love to work for them in more ways than one.

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