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California Kitchen

The kitchen in Drew and Linda’s Honeymoon House was barely there—tucked away in a corner of the house, nowhere close to the dining room. We had to do a total redesign of the floor plan, using an old outdoor space as our footprint for a new, light-filled kitchen and dining space that would inspire both delicious meals and great conversation.

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wdt_ID Room Product Type style Product Company company_link Product Code/Style
1 Kitchen Hardwood Flooring Monarch Plank - Boulevard Collection, Jourdan-Herringbone Monarch Plank - Boulevard Collection, Jourdan-Herringbone Galleher 1516
2 Kitchen Custom Cabinets N/A Monarch Plank - Boulevard Collection, Jourdan-Herringbone Creative Woodworks N/A
3 Kitchen Paint - Cabinets Ammonite Ammonite Farrow & Ball No.274
4 Kitchen Paint - Island Railings Railings Farrow & Ball No.31
5 Kitchen Paint - Walls Ammonite Ammonite Farrow & Ball No.274
6 Kitchen Paint - Trim Strong White Strong White Farrow & Ball No.2001
7 Kitchen Paint - Ceilings Wevet Wevet Farrow & Ball No.273
8 Kitchen Trim, Base & Case Various Various Anderson Moulding N/A
9 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Studio Moderne SM Ecru Gloss Marquis Studio Moderne SM Ecru Gloss Marquis Walker Zanger 1SMOECRGMARREC45
10 Kitchen Counters - Perimeter Absolute Black Zimbabwe (matte/brushed finish) Absolute Black Zimbabwe (matte/brushed finish) Walker Zanger 2SGRZBLB3

Before & After


Beyond the kitchen basics we needed—and this house needed just about everything—we wanted the kitchen to continue the Old Hollywood, Art Deco glam we brought to the entry spaces. We focused on a custom hood vent, placing metallics against a dark backdrop, and then continued that look through the countertops, island, doors and all the way to the conservatory window. The result: a full functional kitchen that magically feels both dramatic and light.


The new dining room had plenty of space for a long table and high-backed chairs, but we needed to create a transition between the dining space and the rest of the home. These custom built-ins do just the trick, providing us with an opportunity to tie styles together without feeling cluttered or out of place.


As the kitchen buildout progressed, Drew decided he didn’t just want go out—he wanted to go down, with a full basement including a wine cellar. Basement buildouts are unusual in this part of California because of earthquake concerns, but once we got the all-clear from the geologists, we were able to give Drew and Linda the wine cellar and storage space they were looking for.

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Art Director: Breeze Giannasio
Construction Lead: Paragon Kitchens & Construction

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