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We offer three kids’ mattresses in 8”, 11”, and 11.5” profile Eurotop—exclusively for Rooms To Go. Each of our 2-sided reversible mattresses includes:

– A Firmer Side with SpineSupport Foam, which offers extra support. This helps aid development by providing proper spinal alignment.

– A Softer Side with TempBalance Gel Foam. This boasts immediate comfort the moment you lie down and helps pull heat away so you fall asleep faster.

SuperCloud Foam’s enhanced cushioning that provides pressure point relief to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

– And an Individually Wrapped Coil with Perimeter Edge that serves as the ultimate in support to help reduce tossing and turning for a more restful night’s sleep. Firmer coils surround the mattress to help prevent the roll-in/roll-out effect and provide an extended sleep surface area.

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