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Hit Refresh: A Made-Over Mirror

Make that mirror on the wall the fairest of them all with a fresh coat of paint and a cleverly attached sconce (no wiring required!).

refreshed blue framed mirror

1. Find Your Mirror

To add lighting to the top of your mirror, look for one with enough space at the top of the frame for a sconce. Check thrift stores and online sources like Facebook Marketplace or Etsy for affordable secondhand mirrors with interesting details and a unique silhouette.

2. Prep & Paint

Lightly sand your piece and fill in any imperfections with wood putty. We’re all about adding color to your home whenever you can, so we chose this soothing shade (Lucy Blue by Valspar) to dress up the frame of our mirror. Pro tip: Projects like these usually don’t require much paint, so they’re a great way to utilize samples or leftovers from other projects.

black framed mirror before refresh

3. Let There Be Light

Now it’s time to attach your lighting. Instead of fussing with wires or plugs, try this trick: Find a sconce that would normally require hard-wiring (not the plug-in kind). Then purchase a remote-control puck light, which are inexpensive and can be found at a hardware store, to use in place of a regular bulb. You’ll need one that fits inside your fixture, and you’ll also want to make sure that the sconce you choose will hide the puck light, the way ours does here. Last, using adhesive strips, attach the puck light where the bulb would normally be, then center your sconce and attach it to the frame using a drill and screws.

4. Pick a Spot

Time to find a home for your mirror! Depending on the size, you can mount it, add it to an entryway table or dresser, or lean it against a wall.

By Hannah Baker | Feature photograph by Carson Downing | Before photo and DIY design by Jeni Wright