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18 Calming Coloring Pages Based On Our Wallpapers

wallpaper coloring pages for adults

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Coloring pages don’t have to be just for kids. In fact, we’re big fans of coloring pages for adults! It’s a relaxing way to clear your mind, and in today’s busy world, that’s certainly a helpful tool. Because our Scott Living wallpaper collection is so chic and calming, we thought it’d be a fun idea to turn the prints into coloring pages! There are so many coloring pages out there, but not all of them fit your style. Because our pages are based off our wallpaper designs, you can rest easy knowing that each one isn’t just relaxing, but also looks great.

We’ve included designs based off our bestselling Scott Living wallpapers, our new wallpaper collection, timeless favorites, and the like. We also included a variety of print types, from geometric designs to botanical scenes, floral elements, and relaxing palm leaves. So if you’re planning to carve out a little me time, this is the perfect little activity to kick-off your self-care day.


Ada Floral

scott living wallpaper coloring pages

There’s something about floral coloring pages that’s so stress-relieving! The Ada Floral wallpaper roll has a serene print that’s perfect for a dining room or office. When put into a coloring sheet, it still has that same peaceful quality.


Balboa Botanical

The Balboa Botanical print is like a beachy escape, but put onto paper. Color the big leaves a bunch of different shades of green, or instead, make each leaf a different color.



The Ballard design is uniform, straightforward, and simple. Because of its geometric lines, it makes for one of the perfect coloring pages for adults when you just want to focus.


Brentwood Palm Leaves

Doesn’t the Brentwood Palm Leaves design make you just want to lay in the sun while you sip on a cool beverage? Even if you don’t have the beach in your backyard, you can still chill by coloring in the palms.


Carter Geometric Flock

Calling fans of fun patterns! The Carter Geometric Flock wallpaper is a retro-chic dream. Color section by section, or instead, fill in the empty spaces with swirls and doodles of your own.


Culver Jacobean

Because the Scott Living Culver Jacobean design is color-blocked, the background is totally up to you. Color it as a gradient or fill it in with multicolored dots—it’s up to you!


Del Mar Botanical

The leafy Del Mar Botanical print is so relaxing, it almost feels like you’re laying right in a coastal pampas grass field.


Fairbank Linen Geometric

Geometric and boxy, the Fairbank Linen Geometric print will surely become a go-to favorite for those who prefer to color within the lines.



This funky geometric design, based on our Kachel wallpaper, calls for methodical coloring. Think of it as though it’s a paint-by-numbers and color in each line with alternating hues from top to bottom.


Getty Jungle Damask

Another one of our favorite wallpapers from the new Scott Living III collection is the Getty Jungle Damask! It features lively botanics and jungle cats, so it’s perfect for those looking to color something with detail.



Granada is another fun geometric print that’ll help clear your mind. Because of its repetitive pattern, you can zone out and just focus on coloring one block at a time.


Juno Ogee

The Juno Ogee design is inspired with botanical flair, and it almost feels fairytale-like because of its whimsical pattern. It’s also just one of those coloring pages for adults that instantly makes you feel more relaxed.


Marilyn Floral Trail

If you love a detailed coloring page, then the Marilyn Floral Trail sheet is perfect for you. There are so many small details to focus on!



We love the look of the Merritt print! It’s almost as if you’re inside a mesmerizing maze, and it’s also just so darn chic.



Our Nazar wallpaper roll is textured, and you can certainly see that come to life in this printable coloring page. We love mimicking the waves of the design throughout in different colors, but you can design it however you’d like!


Trousdale Fanning Flora 1

If you’re itching to color in some fanning leaf patterns, then the Trousdale print is a great escape.


Trousdale Fanning Flora 2

Or instead, you can focus on the background with this already-filled Trousdale design!



Our Scott Living Westport wallpaper roll is a best-seller for a reason! The pattern is so relaxing, you can almost get lost in it. Color each thin line a different shade, or go for a color scheme made up of just a few hues.


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