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January, 2023 | Mandy Schremmer

Brother Vs. Brother: Kitchens – Season 8, Episode 2

Brother Vs. Brother: Who’s King of the Kitchens?

Last week, Drew took home the win with the living room challenge. But if he plans on keeping his streak, then he’s going to have to pull a first for the show… because this week is the kitchen challenge, which Jonathan always wins!

brother vs. brother kitchens challenge kickoff

And he’s not eager to give away his crown just yet. To declare once and for all who’s king of the Brother vs. Brother kitchens, Alex Guarnaschelli and Veronica Valencia are stopping by to judge the rooms and award the winner a romantic dinner from a famous Michelin chef.

Drew’s Hillside Hospitality

It feels good to start the kitchen challenge with a win behind me. Jonathan may usually beat me at kitchens, but I plan to go all out and create a big, beautiful one that will blow him right out of the competition.

Drew’s Before & After

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Drew’s Design Highlights

brother vs. brother kitchens challenge: Drew's renovation

Colorful Cabinets

Just like with the living room, I wanted to focus on color in this kitchen. From the subtle plaster wash on the wall to the teal storage cabinets, this will be a unique space buyers can’t find anywhere else.

brother vs. brother kitchens challenge: new stove in action

Stylish Stove

Whether you’re a professional chef or an amateur still getting your bearings, you deserve a space that’s both fun and functional. My checker-tile vent hood is so stylish and playful that any buyer or judge will love the chance to give it a whirl.

brother vs. brother kitchens: dining area renovation from Drew

Everyone’s Included

There are a lot of multigenerational households in this area, so providing plenty of seating was a priority. I ran into some space issues when I tried to include an extra dining area, but by converting it to banquet seating, I was able to fit in everything I wanted.

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Jonathan’s Oceanside Bliss

I may have lost the last round, but Drew gets way too overconfident when it comes to this challenge. Since I stayed on budget, I now have all the winning ingredients to create a new, modern kitchen that is almost triple the size of the original.

Jonathan’s Before & After

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Jonathan’s Resource Guide

Jonathan’s Design Highlights

brother vs. brother kitchens challenge: Jonathan's cabinetry

Bold and Beautiful

I installed stormy gray cabinetry to create a bold, modern look and complement the light hardwood floors. The dark countertops act as a beautiful contrasting accent, ending in a waterfall edge.

brother vs. brother kitchens: Jonathan's kitchen island

Open Space, Open Sightlines

Having enough prep space is super important, so I installed a ginormous kitchen island and made sure it came with an induction cooktop. Combined with the flush ceiling vent hood, potential buyers will now have plenty of space and open sightlines.

brother vs. brother kitchens challenge: Jonathan's dining room remodel

Dramatic Dining

Last but certainly not least, I decided to go with banquet seating for the dining area. It provides room for guests to gather but still matches the dramatic and elevated style of the rest of the space.

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