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Get Wild With Wallpaper

Interested in experimenting with wallpaper but unsure of what you would want to use it for? Check out these fun and creative ways you can decorate with wallpaper!

Gather ‘Round 

If you want to highlight a fireplace, then decorating it with a bold print is a simple yet effective way to create a feature wall. By choosing wallpaper that contrasts with the rest of the room, any visitor’s eye will be naturally drawn right towards the hearth.  

All Cards on the Table 

Tired of tablecloths or scrambling for a centerpiece? Try decorating your table with wallpaper instead! Simply measure out the print so that it fits the surface you wish to cover, and then seal the wallpaper with either varnish or glass. 

Book Nook 

If you want to be more subtle, though, another feature that wallpaper can help accentuate is a bookshelf. Even if you apply a more restrained solid print, the colored backdrop will make any item displayed pop against it. 

Worth a Thousand Words 

Do you love a print but are unsure if you want to decorate an entire wall with it? Well, you can always frame a section and hang it up as a piece of art. That way, you can go as bold as you want without having to worry about committing to this one style if your tastes later change. 

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