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12 Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas, From Wreaths to Pumpkins

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Even before you feel that first nip of crisp fall air and the leaves start to turn color, it’s time to begin thinking about how to refresh your decor to incorporate the cozy, warm vibes of the season. After you’ve added fall accents to your living room and bedrooms, turn your sights on fall outdoor decorating ideas. Whether you’ve got an entire wraparound porch, or just a small front stoop, the addition of even a few autumnal accents will bring a fresh seasonal look to your home. From adding a wreath to the front door to filling the porch with fall-themed decor, there are plenty of fun, easy ways to update the outdoors for fall.

Below, we’ve rounded up 12 fall outdoor decorating ideas to spruce up your home and add some curb appeal. Bring on all the pumpkins, plaid, and pinecones!


DearHouse Store Fall Garland



Spruce up the front of your house with a blaze of fall foliage by hanging this maple leaf garland around a door or archway. Go maximalist and wrap additional garlands around the railings of your steps or porch for a festive pop.


CreateYourOwnGift Fall Welcome Mat



Swap out the old year-round doormat for a seasonal one, like this option that greets guests with a simple but lively leaf accent. Place it on top of a buffalo check patterned rug for a layered, contrasting look.


Bright Zeal 14″ Decorative Candle Lantern



A fall stoop or pathway isn’t complete without some traditional lanterns to help light the way. These outdoor metal lanterns come with LED pillar candles that can be put on a timer. Easiest ambience ever!


MIULEE Store Plaid Throw Pillow Covers



One can never have too many accent pillows, and they’re one of the easiest ways to refresh your outdoor seating. Throw them on a couch, bench, or hammock, and there you have it! It’s now the most inviting place to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte.


YNYLCHMX Store 18” Autumn Wreath



One of the first things guests see when they arrive at your home is the front door. Add this beautiful, bright wreath that incorporates red berries, eucalyptus leaves, and tiny pumpkins.


Porch Tree 36” Faux Pine Tree



A faux tree for your front porch is a super easy way to integrate some color and charm. Get a set of two to frame your door, or nestle one into a blah corner. This pick also comes with LED string lights for after-dark charm


Ywlake Pumpkin Fall Decorations



‘Tis the season for pumpkins, and the more the merrier! Get a bunch of faux pumpkins to group on either side of your front stairs or mini ones to display as a table centerpiece.


Cornucopia Brands Store Round Wooden Bushel Baskets



A no-fail way to revamp your home for the season is to add an iconic fall flower or faux fruit around it. Mums and apples are the symbols of the season and are easily found online or at home improvement stores. Snap up a bunch and place the planters in these bushel baskets as a nod to the fall harvest.


SandersonWreaths Corn Shuck Wreath



If you’re more into understated, neutral tones, this handmade corn husk wreath makes an elegant door accent, especially in contrast to a black, brown, navy blue, or other dark colored door. Plus, its neutral hue will fit classic, contemporary, and rustic design styles.


BATTILO HOME Store Plaid Throw Blanket



Like accent pillows, throw blankets are a perfect way to instantly dress up your seating areas—as well as up the coziness factor. They’ll come in handy for evening cocktails, backyard movie nights, or al fresco dinners when you need that extra layer of warmth.


Floracraft Straw Bale



Try adding a hay bale or two to your entryway to create texture and show off your decor at various heights to keep it visually interesting. Consider layering on pumpkins, gourds, potted flowers, lanterns, and cute fall signage (available in spades on Etsy). Have fun and go big with the display—more is more here.


Lights4fun Store Wooden Maple Leaf String Lights



When it’s time for a warm spiced cider on the back patio, these irresistibly cute wooden string lights are just the thing to add a little romantic ambience. They’re battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about needing an outlet outdoors or having the unsightly leftover cord trailing to an outlet

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