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When Can I Start Decorating for Fall? All the Answers You Need

When it’s been 90 degrees out and humid for weeks, it’s easy to find yourself thinking: When does fall start again? After all, we love days spent with pool toys and patio furniture, but after a while, it’s natural to start daydreaming about all the fun activities autumn brings. If you’re already itching to break out the pumpkins and leaf décor, you may be wondering when to decorate for fall. Is August too early? Should I wait for the leaves to start changing? Let’s talk about it!

Here, we’ll get into some of the hard-hitting questions around when it feels appropriate to start decorating for fall 2023 and some fun decorating ideas you can pick up now so you’re ready when the cool air starts to hit.

So, when can I decorate for fall?

In our opinion… your house, your rules! But if you want to hold out a little closer to the season, there are a few options. First, you could start the interior fall decorating as early as late August. Back to school season is the unofficial official start to fall, so that’s a safe bet. Then, you can break out the exterior fall dĂ©cor a little later in September when Halloween is around the corner.

What about when I should start decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving?

Mid-to-late September is a great time to decorate for Halloween so you can enjoy the view for a bit. For Thanksgiving, it’s usually best to start decorating right after Halloween, as the two holidays are so close together. If you prefer to decorate once rather than multiple times for each holiday, then it’s smart to use items that can work all season long. If pumpkins are your thing, for example, consider choosing metallic or neutral-colored gourds that would make sense for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Or on the mantel, choose black vases that can house both classic autumn blooms for earlier in the season as well as spooky florals. Of course, you can go all in for each individual phase of fall, too—no judgment here!

When should I take down my fall decorations?

The best part about fall décor is that—if you play your pumpkins right—you can choose items that can stay up through Thanksgiving. So the time to take it all down is likely December.

What are some ways I can decorate for fall?

The options really are endless! If you’re a big Halloween buff, it may be fun to outfit your front lawn with Jack-o-lanterns, door décor, and maybe a witch or two. If you prefer a subtle look, you could choose a color scheme and then pick fall-themed items within those shades. To help inspire you, here are a few ideas to get the foliage fun started:

Battilo Home Caramel Throw Blanket 


The rule come fall? The more blankets, the better! Consider placing your spring/summer throws in an underbed storage container and replace them with options in shades of rust, khaki, or dark green.

DearHouse 2-Pack Fall Garland


This leaf garland has over 4,800 5-star ratings for a reason. It comes in a pack of two and is super easy to drape over a mantel, table, stair rail, or anywhere else that needs a pop.

Itoeo Flameless Candles


LED flameless candles are excellent for tucking into corners that need some extra oomph. Around Halloween, you’ll love how these give that extra ambience during scary movie night!

IUGOBI 100-Piece Natural Dried Pampas Grass Bouquet


Pampas grass in fall colors is an easy statement-maker. Those who don’t exactly have a green thumb will enjoy it, as well.

Maidprin 12-Piece Assorted Artificial Pumpkins


These artificial pumpkins are adorable! Place them in an oblong bowl as a centerpiece on the dining table, or display small groupings of them throughout the house. These are neutral enough to last from August through November, too.

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