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10 Cozy Home Ideas to Try This Winter

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The cold never bothered us anyway! The first day of winter is just around the corner and when the temperatures get bleak the best thing to do is hunker down indoors. But are you prepared for homebody season? If not, then you may want to check out these cozy home ideas.

These winter decor pieces and fun finds will instantly warm up your house so that you can stay comfy and relaxed even when the weather is frigid. In fact, you may start to enjoy your space so much that the cold months become your favorite. After all, nothing beats curling up with a soft blanket and a mug of hot chocolate by the electric fireplace. (Except maybe a beach vacation, but we digress.) Keep reading for easy ways to make your home cozy.  


Scott Living Baristo Cotton Percale Queen Quilt Set



The best way to avoid the cold? Stay in bed! That’s even easier to do when you have cozy bedding like this 100% cotton quilt set.


Abel Square Faux Fur Pillow Cover Set



If you do decide to leave your room, you’re probably headed for your couch, so it needs to be just as inviting. Some faux-fur pillow covers add the comfort and style to make that happen.


BSOD Mushroom Lamp



Lighting is key to a cozy atmosphere. Instead of using overhead lights, incorporate table lamps throughout your spaces—they create a softer, more relaxing ambience.


Scott Living Faux Fur Blanket


A faux-fur blanket is a must-have piece of cozy décor. You can layer it over the couch or at the bottom of the bed for added texture. (In addition to curling up with it, of course.)


Anecdote Comfort Zone Candle



Candles + table lamps = the perfect setting for a night in. Is the name of this scent just calling to you or what?


Scott Living Kaplan Fireplace

Home Depot


An electric fireplace has more features than you probably realize, including that they can heat a room and act as additional storage. And when those flames turn on, it’s pure winter magic.


CEWOR Artificial Eucalyptus Stems



Touches of greenery always make a space feel warm and welcoming. If you don’t feel like maintaining flowers or plants, try displaying faux eucalyptus in a few vases to bring the outdoors in.


BodyRestore Shower Steamers



Creating a cozy home isn’t just about the décor—it’s about setting the vibe, too. These steamers turn that warm shower into a spa, which is exactly what you’ll need after shoveling snow off the driveway.


Scott Living Terrain Charcoal Cotton Blend Towel


And what’s cozier than getting out of the shower and wrapping up in a towel? These will look great in your space and they’re ultra-warm and soft.


Scott Living Vertigo Gray Area Rug



The final touch for your coziest home yet is…hey, you’re stepping on it! Don’t overlook your hallway floors or other areas that could benefit from a rug. It’ll make that walk from the bedroom to the living room much more pleasant.

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