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Together We Stand

We understand that there is still much that we don’t understand. And because of that we need to educate ourselves.

We hear the voices of the rightfully outraged. And we stand with you to listen and amplify your messages.

We acknowledge that we are all part of the problem. And therefore must work to be a part of the solution.
We have seen history repeat itself. Which is why we must use this moment to fuel a better future.

We must unite to restore humanity. Because if we believe that we are all equal and that everyone of us deserves justice, equality and respect, then we must prove that we believe black lives matter. We need to show the work, hold ourselves accountable to uplift and empower voices of the black community and people of color.

Family has always been at the core of our work and lives. Our hearts are filled with pain for all the families who have lost loved ones due to hatred and racism. We believe that we are ALL one family, that we have a duty to make it right and that it all starts at home.

Here is how we are starting to take conscious efforts towards racial justice. We hope that you will join. From wherever you stand, this is our chance to be better.

Educate – Listen, Watch, Read…
to TED RADIO HOUR episode on Confronting Racism –

Civil Rights

The Lion’s Story

Jane Elliott

Watch 13th

Watch When They See Us

Campaign Zero

American Civil Liberties Union

Use your Voice…

Color of Change
Text DEMANDS to 55156


Support and highlight the voices of those who are often marginalized. This can be supporting black artists and designers, businesses; sharing their stories, reading their books; Hearing and sharing their points of views.

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