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Letter From The Editors: Winter 2022

Drew and Jonathan with plants on stand
This contraption is definitely brilliant. The Lettuce Grow Farmstand provides all the leafy greens a family needs—no growing experience necessary!

There’s a saying: Behind every brilliant home, there are a couple of even more brilliant brothers. (It’s a very well-known saying.) This is a “smart home” issue we’ve been wanting to do for a while, but we didn’t want it to be all about the typical gadget-filled, techno-giz smart home.

Creating a brilliant home is more than just voice-activated everything (although that’s fun, too). It’s about having a place that’s easy to come home to, get dinner ready, keep an eye on the kids, and catch up on everyone’s day. A brilliant home makes the best use of our natural resources, saving money while helping the planet.

In addition to the latest advances in home solar panel technology, we looked high and low to find ways to combine cell phone chargers with planters, add one-push composters to our countertops, and eat lettuce right off the plant. After all, there’s one place we all call home: our planet, the most brilliant home of all. And best of all, it makes us feel good!

So while we’ve crammed these pages full of upgrades, adjustments, and tips, there were so many we couldn’t include that we’re sharing here. Think of them as Brilliant 2.0. This is the direction we see home renovation and restoration going, whether it’s on our shows or in our conversations with homeowners, home appliance makers, and housing nonprofits.

We’re passionate about efforts like these because a healthy home is a happy home, and vice versa! We’re doing what we can to make a brilliant home as accessible and affordable as possible for everyone, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more innovative ideas in the future.

Drew and Jonathan sitting on kitchen island
Just hanging out at Drew and Linda’s kitchen island, thinking about life—oh, and bagging a magazine cover.

A Few Brilliant Home Ideas We’re into Right Now

Invisacook Invisible Induction Cooktops

These don’t even seem real, they’re so cool—and hot? These induction burners go right under a stone surface, but their precision means they don’t heat the countertops, making them safe for families. Plus, they cook faster and use less energy than gas or traditional electric cooktops, meaning lower bills and more family time.

LG Styler Smart Steam Closet

You know the chair everyone has in their bedroom that exists purely to hold clothes? Get that space back with sleek storage that steams, freshens, and straightens fabrics. In 20 minutes, you’ll bask in the luxury of a freshly pressed shirt or warm sheets.

Scott Living Adjustable Bed Bases

OK, we know this one has our name on it, but we’re glad it does because we use them! Adjustable beds are good for all of us, especially if you’re a big nighttime reader or need additional back, neck, or lumbar support.

Hunter Industries Hydrawise WiFi-Capable Controller

If you’ve got a thirsty lawn, this can cut water use by half. Link up the irrigation system to local weather stations; it uses their data to predict when it’s going to rain and makes sure not to turn on the sprinklers. That’s kind of awesome.

The All-Electric Home

Switching from gas appliances to electric ones lowers our dependence on fossil fuels and reduces emissions, making our homes safer for our families. If you’re in the market for new appliances, go electric!

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By Drew & Jonathan | Photographs by Jesse DeFlorio

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