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Letter From the Editors: Summer 2021

Drew & Jonathan step into a colorful summer.

Drew and Jonathan wearing patterned colorful shirts
One place we’re taking inspiration from is designer Alissa Bertrand. Head over to @jabellafleur to see her turn vintage prints into fresh designs. She even made these crazy-colorful shirts for us!

Are you wearing sunglasses? Because the amount of color in the latest issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal just might dazzle you.

If we look a bit bolder and brighter, it’s because, well, we feel it! We all need something to be excited about and look forward to; for us, that’s putting into action all the colorful ideas we’ve been dreaming up.

yellow, blue, and orange splatter plates

With nature as our guide—flowers in full bloom, lush trees swaying with ease—what better time than now to take risks and try new things at home? Bring in those oranges and reds from your most memorable beach-vacation sunset. Borrow inspiration from the brightest blue skies for your front-porch refresh. Wake up each morning in a colorful bedroom that’s cozy and welcoming, warm yet invigorating.

We created the Color Issue to be your fun, friendly guidebook to the world of color. Yes, that includes all you color-shy designers out there! In life, as it is with home and design, balance is key. The issue is full of how-tos for using color in ways you’ve only ever imagined to create those spaces you thought were reserved solely for lust-worthy Instagram feeds!

lemonade on a tray in front of a yellow patterned wall

This is the season to discover new favorites, to lean into something you like and make it something you love.

It’s all about finding creative ways and delightful shades to express ourselves. Whether you want to start small or go big, come along with us and grab hold of the color wheel. We’re excited to see how color will add a splash of fun and optimism to your home!

drew and jonathan scott signatures

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By Drew & Jonathan | Photograph by Peter Yang

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