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Letter From The Editors: Spring 2022

drew and jonathan cool dad and future uncle
Cool Uncle and Future Dad here, cordially welcoming you to our Family Issue!

An issue about family spaces was always going to be personal, but even we didn’t expect to have so many family announcements in this issue! We have a “Drew and Linda” story about us expecting our first child, and a sneak peek inside Jonathan and Zooey’s continuing work on their family’s forever home renovation. It’s no surprise, then, that family has been on our minds a lot these days—even more than it usually is, which is most of the time.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, we’re in the business of helping families. Whether we’re renovating homes to make them work better for the whole clan or designing furniture and decor that everyone will be proud to have in their home, bringing people together is the reason for everything we do. That’s because we’re lucky enough to know what it’s like to have a close-knit family—one that laughs together and supports each other. We know how incredibly fortunate we are to have two of the most loving, encouraging parents ever. Since the moment we were born, Mom and Dad have never stopped showing us how to work hard, love each other, and treat everyone around us with respect.

Prompted by Dad and assisted by Mom, we started our first business, selling decorative clothes hangers, at age 7, and we haven’t stopped creating family businesses since. Whether as neighborhood clowns, performers, or Realtor-developers, every endeavor we’ve undertaken has been with family. Even today, we’re surrounded by family: J.D. and Annalee working on the set of Property Brothers: Forever Home, Linda’s sister producing our podcast At Home, or singing at the top of our lungs with Zooey on a new episode of Carpool Karaoke. We know how rare and special that is, and that’s before getting into the whole “being twins” thing.

Maybe you’ve been as blessed as we have when it comes to family, or maybe you had to work to build a family of your own. Family doesn’t have to mean blood relatives or a pile of biological kids. It means many things to many people, but the common theme is this: They’re the people who encourage you to be yourself and who love you unconditionally, wherever they come from and however you find one another.

This issue celebrates family in all its forms and the different kinds of spaces we create for our families (page 78). This can be as practical as a new stair runner for family young and old (page 46), as fun as a new game room (page 52), or as big as a whole Habitat for Humanity home (page 19)! And we give you a glimpse into our growing family’s spaces, including the aforementioned update on Jonathan and Zooey’s Park House reno (page 96), plus a personal essay from Drew and Linda on their journey to parenthood (page 28).

Simply put, family is everything to us, and we’re about to find ourselves in a whole new world with the people we love, without ever leaving home. And that’s a feeling we’re going to cherish as long as possible.

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By Drew & Jonathan | Photograph by Wesley Friend

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