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Shop Drew’s Baby Essentials for New Parents

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Oh, baby!

Drew and Linda welcomed Parker into their lives almost a year ago, and it’s hard to believe how big he’s gotten. (He’s half the size of Linda!) From jam sessions and play dates with the family to cozy naps and epic OOTDs, it’s safe to say Parker is really living his best life.

Having a little one around is the best, but you need a lot of stuff. In the nursery, for example, Drew and Linda made sure to include plenty of cozy and adorable touches, like stuffed animals and comfortable furniture. But as Drew quickly found out, there are plenty of other baby essentials new parents need to stock up on outside of the usual suspects. Here, he’s sharing a few tips and tricks that he’s learned along the way: 

1. Don’t skimp on the swaddles.

“Swaddles are one thing where, whatever you think you need, times that by 5,” he says. “You need a lot more than you think.”

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2. Grow as you go.

Drew and Linda opted for this crib with rounded corners that you can adjust for the baby as they grow. “Parker now has it at the bottom height,” he says. “But when your baby is tiny, you can have it as a basinet and then add the pieces to expand it as they get bigger.”

3. Keep it clean.

Another must-have for the Scotts? “Washable change pads,” he says. No additional notes needed!

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4. Take a stroll.

When it comes to strollers, “Ease is important,” he says. The stroller Drew and Linda went with, for example, folds into itself with the touch of a button and is super compact, which is ideal for traveling. 

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5. You’ll probably be a little too prepared.

“We got a bunch of things we thought we needed,” he says. “We thought we needed a warmer for wipes and bottle warmers, but we didn’t use any of those,” he says. “But we do have a fridge that has infrared with a fan to dry, and that’s been very handy.”

Basically, it’s all trial and error. You’ll figure out what works for you and your family along the way!

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