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Behind The Summer 2022 Issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal Magazine

Fun tidbits, sneak peeks, and a little bit about why we did what we did there

behind the issue gardening and outdoor materials with number labels

As the weather warms up, we’re all craving a bit more time outside—which is exactly why we made this our Indoor/Outdoor issue! From gorgeous garden inspo to smart alfresco dining solutions, you’ll find plenty of ways to turn your backyard into a joyful oasis. Of course, living outside 24/7 isn’t possible, so we’ve also rounded up brilliant ways to bring some freshness inside. Whether you spruce up your living room with plants (good for your physical and mental health!) or give your yard a total makeover, we hope you’ll use the tips in this issue to help you revel in the great indoors-outdoors.

  1. How does your garden grow? A good watering schedule is key. While an in-ground system saves time, an old-fashioned watering can gives you ultimate control.
  2. Never has the name of our magazine been more fitting! Our cover reveals Jonathan and Zooey’s newly renovated dream home—read it now!
  3. Sure, marble craft paper is a gorgeous way to wrap a gift. But we’ve got an easy DIY that shows you how to turn it into a modern accordion lampshade.
  4. Pickleball anyone? This game is as trendy (and fun!) as it gets. Look good while playing with this retro-inspired paddle from Nettie.

By Reveal Editors | Photograph by Chelsea Kyle | Jonathan and Zooey photograph by Dennys Ilio

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Drew & Jonathan’s home and lifestyle magazine.

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