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Behind the Scenes: How We Made the Spring 2021 Issue

How did we put the Renovation issue together? Here’s a peek behind the scenes.

Reveal spring 2021 magazine issue on table with design props

Candace Griffin bedroom and circular headshot

One great piece of reno advice we got from designer Candace Griffin (“Old Made Bold,” page 80): Sometimes the room tells you what to do. In giving her Detroit home a redo, “we intentionally held off finishing the main bedroom so we could spend some time in it, feel it out, and decide the exact vibe we wanted,” she says. “After some thought we decided we wanted it to be moody yet cozy with a luxe color on the walls.” Mission accomplished!

Aegean Teal paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

Hannah Baker, our home editor, always has an eye out for color trends. One shade that’s hit her radar recently? Muted, deep green-blues like this one, Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore. “You’re going to be seeing it everywhere!” she says. Can you find any in this issue?

polaroid of drew and Jonathan sitting at breakfast table on demo site

We shot our cover at a halfway-renovated house in winter. It was pretty cold that day! And the guys felt right at home. “We decided to celebrate 400 renos, all those early mornings on chilly construction sites, at a chilly construction site,” Drew says. Jonathan adds, “Is it weird to say I love the smells of a work site? Freshly cut lumber, a new coat of paint—that’s progress!” Go to @revealmag for some behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

vintage inspired market stripe fabric swatches

Rebecca Atwood, the Brooklyn-based textile artist profiled in “Designer Moodboard” (page 24), has a new line of fabrics that we’re clamoring for. We love this vintage-inspired Market Stripe for its tone-on-tone versatility.

By Reveal Editors | Photographs by Chelsea Kyle | Paint swatch: Getty Images | Candace Griffin: Photographs By Diana Paulson

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