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Behind The Winter 2022 Issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal Magazine

Fun tidbits, sneak peeks, and a little bit about why we did what we did there

table with behind the scenes items

Welcome to our Brilliant Home issue! Though we are covering smart-home technology in here, this issue is not just about that. It’s about genius ways to make your home work better for you, whether it’s a piece of furniture that doubles as a storage hub, a design idea that makes a corner of a room more functional (and prettier!), or, yes, a doorbell that doubles as a security camera. Because a home that gives you more of what you need? That’s smart!

  1. We snuck a few cool products onto our cover, including the very sleek Aarke Carbonator, which will save you in seltzer costs and reduce your aluminum-can consumption.
  2. What’s smarter than growing your own food? Products like the Lettuce Grow and the Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse don’t feel like luxuries so much as essentials.
  3. “Hey, Google, go to revealmag.com!” Now 60 million American adults use a smart speaker (like the Google Nest Hub at right). For many it’s their first taste of smart-home tech, and it likely won’t be their last!

By Reveal Editors | Photograph by Jarren Vink | Hendricks photograph by Coliena Rentmeester | BTS of Jonathan and Drew photograph by Jesse Deflorio | Illustration by Boyoun Kim

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