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Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit


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Product Description

Color-changing LED light bulbs give you full control over the mood and ambiance of your space. With a two-piece bulb set and remote control, you get lighting that’s compatible with most fixtures and works anywhere in your home. Whether you want more control over the living room when you’re hosting or the bedroom when you’re prepping for bed, the Philips Hue Starter Kit delivers. Place these bulbs in floor lamps, recessed lights, and even chandeliers!

Control at the Touch of a Button

Once installed in your home, you can unlock the full power of color and light through an easy-to-use app on your phone. Some unique features of these bulbs include automation that allows you to set your preferences and forget them, preset routines with 24-hour cycles, access from anywhere you happen to be, and a stable Bluetooth connection that won’t affect your wifi. The smart lighting system easily connects to any smartphone, so you can control the color-changing LED light bulbs whenever you want.

A Color for Every Mood

Using these color-changing LED bulbs, you can set light scenes that mimic natural sunlight or opt for presets that are designed to help you relax and unwind. There are even settings that prioritize focus and concentration for home office or work settings. In addition to natural lighting, the Philips Hue Starter Kit can also deliver millions of colors—literally every color of the rainbow. So when you’re tired of warm-to-cool lighting, spice up your life with a party atmosphere. Using the app, you can control up to 50 lights in your home.

Create the Perfect Vibe 

Personalize the lighting in your space with the touch of a button or a simple command, as the app works with voice control when connected to Alexa or Google Assistant. Change brightness, color, or temperature without leaving your bed or chair! Customize every single one of your color-changing LED light bulbs in the app today.

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Why We Love It
  • Drew’s gift pick
  • Completely customizable with millions of colors
  • Easily set timers and automation
  • Sync with movies, games, and music for a full-sensory experience
  • Allows you to control the bulb temperature and intensity for any task
  • Compatible with smart home apps and assistants for voice and in-app control
  • Brand name that costs a little more
  • Takes some time to install and set up

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