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The Best Bedroom Decorating Ideas from Our Shows

Team Drew Bedroom Reveal
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Over the years, Drew and Jonathan have renovated so many homes for families. Be it the whole property, a primary suite, or just a single room, the results leave homeowners speechless. The renovations are often life-changing for families, whether they’re looking to relocate or just make their house a place where they actually feel at home. But one of our favorite spots to see a great Before and After in? The bedroom! Drew and Jonathan always have clever design tricks up their sleeves for new bedroom decor ideas, whether it’s as simple as swapping lighting or putting up a fresh bedroom paint color, or as big as a total renovation.

If you’ve watched any of our shows—like Property Brothers, Property Brothers: Forever Home, and Brother Vs. Brother—you know that the Bros are pros at taking any bland sleeping space and turning it into a magical, serene oasis. So for anyone out there looking to spruce up a bedroom in their home, this collection of some of the best-of-the-best bedroom renos from Drew and Jonathan will leave you majorly inspired.


In this stylish mixed-material bedroom, the neutral, natural-woven rug contrasts beautifully with the muted wood floor, and also makes the room feel cozy. Other textural elements, like the woven leather bench, and the rattan chair against the dark writing desk, create a moody-but-grounded look. The arched floor mirror also adds a modern touch.


The Bros honed in on their imagination here, utilizing a sliding door for the closet. This kept the closet hidden without needing the space a regular door requires. Genius! A bright pink orchid beside the bed adds a pop of color, while the muted cream-toned rug and bedspread keep the room calm.


Moody with a hint of intrigue, this bedroom exudes effortless creativity. From the edgy abstract art above the bed to the gorgeous angular gold side table, it oozes an ultra-cool rocker vibe. The dark vintage-style rug also keeps things interesting with a print that’s not too bold.


This bedroom makes us want to drift off into the land of sweet dreams with its airy, sun-soaked vibes. Track rails and linen curtains reach all the way up to the ceiling, lifting the room’s height and creating a chic look. To further amplify the light and bright attitude of the space, Drew and Jonathan also included matching statement lamps.


This elevated bedroom has a calming effect while also staying stylish. The bold curtain rods give the room dimension, and tie into the dark contrasting wood on the bench. Complementing both textures and colors throughout, the final bedroom look is both elegant and comfy.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Mixing textures is key! So many rooms can feel dull by sticking with one pattern or texture throughout. But here, we see fuzzy faux fur in the throw blanket, sturdy woodgrains in the nightstand, and even playful patterns in the rug. (We’re also obsessed with the accent wall. It’s so simple to add interest with wallpaper!)


Speaking of accent walls, look at this beauty! The diagonal woodwork is giving us all the homey feels of a log cabin made modern. Iron hanging sconces (complete with vintage Edison bulbs) are an unexpected addition that feels both vintage and contemporary. And all those cozy blankets? Yeah, we’ll be over here if you need us.


Now this is whimsy done right. Palm-inspired wallpaper and beautiful crane art tie beautifully into one another. And the bed really does take center stage here, with a spindle poster bed fit with bright, complementary colors. Rather than looking busy, the room looks purposeful, as though every element was well thought out and inspired.


You can’t go wrong with traditional decor. From the striped throw pillow and simple white bedding to its gorgeous iron chandelier, this bedroom feels just-right. Incorporating the beautiful grand window, the space really does feel like an oasis. It’s all in the small details where intrigue collects, like the spackled table lamps or the pattern-woven rug.


We love this one for its effortlessly sleek look as well as its moody energy. Painting the accent wall slate gray is a bold but refined choice, and one that makes the room come together. The pop of green in the plant around the corner softens the space, and incorporating natural materials like the raw-edge console table helps it feel welcoming.

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