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Subtle, Spooky Halloween Home Decor Updates

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With Halloween right around the corner, plenty of folks are pulling out their scariest decorations in preparation.  But as fun as holidays can be, sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to totally overhaul your house with Halloween home decor for just one day of the year.  Here are a few ways you can update your home décor not only for the Halloween season but also for any occasion year-round. 

Weave In Halloween Colors Through Accent Pieces

While black and orange might conjure up images of pumpkin patches and haunted houses, they’re also great shades that can add sophistication or earthy charm to a space. If you focus your color theming through accent pieces, you can mix and match items to fit your needs depending on the season. Together, black vases and an orange abstract rug will be enough to pull you into the Halloween spirit, but separated they are subtle enough to work as interesting accessories.   

The Magic of Metal and Halloween Lighting

While often used to give a room some modern flair, metal pieces can also add to the spookiness of a space.  In a bright, well-lit place, the exposed, glossy finish will catch visitor’s eyes and draw their attention to the fine details. But when you turn down the lights for some more appropriate Halloween lighting, the same items create a striking silhouette. Just a few shadows can be enough to spook someone, but simply turn the lights back on, and your elegant furniture returns. 

The Dark Side of Botanicals

When people consider using botanicals in their décor, most tend to settle on florals or other light, comforting pieces. But there’s more to nature than just sunshine and roses. Paying attention to the less conventional and more off-kilter aspects of our world can reveal a whole new side to familiar trees and plant.  While perhaps off-putting at first even the eerie can hold something captivating and beautiful.  

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