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Here’s What Your Favorite Christmas Movie Characters’ Homes Look Like, According to AI

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer had a very shiny…home?

One of the best parts of classic Christmas movies is the scenery. After all, Kevin McCallister’s gorgeous suburban house is arguably one of the biggest stars in the Christmas movie Home Alone. The leg lamp from A Christmas Story is almost as famous as Ralphie. And there’s always the North Pole, the most popular holiday destination of all!

In honor of our favorite seasonal films and the backdrops that come with them, we used AI platform Midjourney to predict what we think our favorite Christmas movie characters’ living spaces would look like today. Did the Grinch get a place in Whoville? Is Buddy splitting his time between the North Pole and NYC? Keep scrolling to find out and to shop holly jolly goodies inspired by the photos.

Buddy the Elf’s NYC Apartment

christmas movie elf's nyc apartment according to AI

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If Buddy the Elf’s NYC apartment doesn’t bring you joy, then you’re a cotton-headed ninny muggins! Every day here would feel like Christmas, especially because there’s plenty of space to eat whole rolls of cookie dough and snuggle. The candy cane-inspired decor might be a little much for his dad, but we bet Jovie loves that view.

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The Grinch’s Whoville Mansion

It’s the…the…the…the Grinch’s Whoville pad! We predict that after the credits rolled (and his heart grew two sizes) that the Grinch moved down from Mount Crumpit to be with the rest of his new Whoville friends. They’re probably green with envy over his digs, which are wonderfully wacky and weird just like him—especially the corncob couch, which Max surely loves to curl up on. But even if he is a city Grinch now, we’re still not sure if he’s going to be competing against Cindy Lou’s mom for best Christmas light display quite yet.

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Home Alone’s New Home

home alone christmas movie house according to AI

Knowing how clever Kevin was (despite his sister saying he was, “les incompétents”), it’s no surprise to think he’d end up in a beautiful traditional home that’s decked out for the holidays. Just look at that tree! The only thing not shown: His booby traps in case any local bandits get ideas…

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Rudolph’s Reindeer Pad

rudolph's house

With his rise in popularity, Rudolph definitely moved out from his space at the North Pole to bigger and better. Now he has his own charming house complete with sparkly garlands and antlers on the roof. It looks plenty big to host his pals, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer… you get it. Oh, and it’s all in his signature color, too.

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Ralphie’s Classic Christmas Story House

a christmas story christmas movie house

We’d hazard a guess that Ralphie inherited his parents’ classic home. Now, instead of shooting his eye out, he’s focused on enjoying cozy memories in front of the tree…and the leg lamp, which obviously stayed in the family.

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