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Make Yourself At Home with Linda and Drew Scott

Our new podcast features fun, intimate conversations with friends

After settling into their new home over the past year, Drew and Linda now have invited all of us over with their brand new podcast, At Home with Linda & Drew Scott. With great guests like Joy Cho, Ashley Greene, Winston Duke and more, At Home embodies Drew and Linda’s desire to have fun, meaningful conversations in a welcoming environment: their own home. Here, they give a little insight into how and why they launched the podcast, lessons learned about themselves and their guests, and what they’re looking forward to in the year ahead.

How did you come up with the idea for At Home? Why did you want to start a podcast?

Drew: At Home was born out of the craving for more dedicated time to have meaningful conversations. With how fast-paced and nonstop our lives have been over the past decade(!), we knew we needed to find a way to slow down, while still doing what we love: sharing stories and learning from others. 

Linda: The whole purpose of creating a home is to have a place to be grounded, inspired, safe, and loved. Hopefully the meaningful conversations we have at home can be a part of what lifts and encourages us as we try to make the world a little bit brighter and better. 

Howie Mandel guests on At Home with Linda & Drew Scott podcast
Drew, Linda, Bobby and Howie Mandel (Photo credit: @athome)

How are your conversation styles similar and different?

Drew: Linda is a great observer and listener. She loves listening so much that she sometimes forgets to also ask questions or share her own stories!

Linda: Drew is loud (who knew, right?) and is so quick on his feet in finding ways to relate to guests through shared or similar experiences.

How is At Home different than your other creative outlets? How do you want it to be different from other podcasts?

Drew: At Home allows us to pull the curtain way back in candid conversations. Here, we aren’t focused on design or construction. Instead, we discuss the meaning of home and how it impacts every story in our lives: our relationships, our careers, our childhood experiences—anything that matters to us. 

Linda: The podcast feels very organic and personal to us. That this is something that the both of us started together feels special. 

What is it like to interview your friends? 

Drew: For us, it feels great to be able to sit down and set aside time to chat with people. So, we’re very appreciative of our friends taking the time to do this! We approach it as a conversation and less of an interview. 

Chris Hardwick guests on At Home with Linda & Drew Scott podcast
Drew, Chris Hardwick and Linda (Photo credit: @athome)

How do you hope people will feel when they listen to At Home?

Linda: We hope that listeners will feel like they are right here with us. Whenever we have guests over and we tell them to make themselves at home, we mean it. That means kicking off shoes, feet up on the table, getting cozy on the sofa, raiding our pantry, digging through the games cabinet, nosing through our closets—whatever! We love when friends and family feel like they can make a mess and not feel bad about it. :)

What’s next for At Home? Any cool guests you can share or want to invite?

Drew: Well, we really went nuts over the holidays and recorded 22 episodes, so there’s plenty to come. We think every guest we have is cool! I’d love to have Oprah on. That would be amazing.

Linda: That would be amazing. Also, it would be so cool to talk to Jane Goodall. I’ve really enjoyed hearing about people’s passions in addition to what they’re known for: what they collect, what gets them excited, what they care about in the world. I think you’re going to hear more of that as we go along. 

How do I subscribe to At Home?

You can subscribe to At Home on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Take a listen, and please rate it and leave a review. (It really helps!)

You can also follow along with At Home on social: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Let us know what you think!

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