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February, 2023 | Mandy Schremmer

Brother Vs. Brother: Extra Rooms & Dens – Season 8, Episode 5

Brother Vs. Brother Season 8: Extra Spaces Showdown

Finally—after a long, drawn-out battle of the garages—Jonathan broke Drew’s winning streak. While Jonathan enjoyed savoring his first win, Drew’s not willing to let one loss slow him down. There’s only one challenge left before the finale, and Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are judging the remaining extra spaces. The winner will receive a once-in-a-lifetime chance to cruise in the car of their choice from the Petersen Automotive Museum, while the loser stays behind to wash the rest of the collection.

Drew’s Hillside Hospitality

I am a huge fan of the Petersen Auto Museum, so getting to drive one of their cars would be a dream come true. While I need to save my budget after going all out on these past few rounds, I still intend to knock the socks off the judges’ feet and win me those wheels.

Drew’s Before & After

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Drew’s Design Highlights

All-Ages Fun

I wanted to create a bedroom that would appeal to kids of any age. I added a fun yet neutral wallpaper that can grow and change with them into their teenage years.

Pretty in Pink

Keeping up with my previous bold design choices, I decorated the side bathroom with pink and green tiles. Once I added in the classic vanity and accents, the space had a one-of-a-kind vintage atmosphere.

Floral Fashion

I loved the wallpaper results in the kids’ bedroom so much, I ended up using another print in the den as well. Surrounded by tons of custom built-in shelves, potential buyers can look up and catch a floral surprise.

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Jonathan’s Oceanside Bliss

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a win—which is good because this is the one week I can’t be caught slacking. Making one space pop is easy, but it’s these extra rooms that will make or break my final sale.

Jonathan’s Before & After

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Jonathan’s Design Highlights

Play All Day

There’s no better place to put a wallpaper feature than in a child’s bedroom. The light, colorful tones keep the space feeling airy and bright, while the study area right below it provides the kids with a place to focus or play.

Cozy Comfort

“Plush” and “comfy” are the two words everyone wants to use when describing their guest room. Despite the smaller footprint, I was careful with my furniture placement to make sure the space felt cozy and intimate rather than cramped and crowded.

Bright and Blue

The original beams were already a charming feature, so I was able to save some extra money by keeping them in, just with a fresh coat of paint. The French doors off to the side add a ton of natural lighting that makes this space a beautiful place for the entire family to hang out.

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