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January, 2023 | Mandy Schremmer

Brother Vs. Brother: Living Rooms – Season 8, Episode 1

Brother Vs. Brother: No Rules!

For Brothers Vs. Brother season 8, we’re heading back to Southern California and taking our competition to a whole new level. We got rid of any past budget constraints, neighborhood limits, and design challenges.

The only rule left is to see who can make the most cold, hard cash by the season’s end. But to keep us on our toes, Kendra Wilkinson and David Bromstad are stopping by this week to decide which living room they prefer and to present the winner with an exclusive NASA reward.

Drew’s Hillside Hospitality

Since Jonathan sprung this “no rules” thing on me in Brother Vs. Brother season 8, I need to outsmart him in this first round. I bought a fixer upper in El Sereno so that I can save more on my purchase, spend just a bit extra on renovations, and then pull in massive profits by the end.

Drew’s Before & After

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Drew’s Design Highlights

Knock Your Coats Off

A good first impression is always important, so I wanted the entryway to have the same eclectic style as the living room. Add in a convenient coat closet, and now guests can get comfortable before they’re swept away by the house’s wow factor.  

A Stone Sensation

There’s a lot to like about the 80s, but dated floors and fireplaces aren’t it. I installed light hardwood flooring and a new stone mantel to create a modern, eye-catching centerpiece.

Colorful Company

It’s important to balance out the formal and the fun, so I made sure there was plenty of seating for friends and family that still showed off some personality. Company can now enjoy each other and the colorful decor.

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Jonathan’s Oceanside Bliss

If Drew thinks he has an easy win, he needs to think again. To maximize my sale price no matter what, I found a house in Westchester, a highly in-demand neighborhood right on the beach.

Jonathan’s Before & After

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Jonathan’s Design Highlights

Welcome Home

The bedrooms used to be accessible right off the front door, so to give future residents more privacy and focus the layout’s flow, I created a snug little entrance nook. Now guests can either sneak off to freshen up in the powder room or head to the living room for some fun and conversation.

Fantastic Features

Since the house is now converted to exclusive electric heating, I installed a brand-new fireplace to fit the switch. It has floor-to-ceiling dark stone and two bookshelves flank its sides, creating a striking feature wall.

Cottagecore Chic

I wanted to make sure each piece I chose fit the look and feel of a modern cottage. The light tones keep the space feeling airy and bright without sacrificing the warmth and comforts every home should have.

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