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Incorporating Green Into Your Home

Ready to try something new? There’s a color out there waiting for you—literally, it’s right outside your front door! Here’s how to bring one of nature’s favorites inside.

drew and jonathan in green room

When thinking of colors that promote health and harmony in the home, you might not land immediately on green—yet that’s exactly what the color does to our minds and senses. There’s a reason we feel more at peace in nature, and green has a lot to do with it (it’s why we love houseplants!). Green can promote feelings of safety, hope, and revitalization, which is exactly how we want everyone to feel when they enter our home.

But how do you make it so that the green greets you in all its glory without upstaging everything in its path? It all depends on your surroundings. Green works great with either end of the color spectrum—black and white, neutral earth tones—but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. No need to feel green with envy over these beautiful spaces! Here, we show you how to make those combinations (and more) work for a variety of rooms.

kitchen with green backsplash and island

We never get enough of this Forever Home kitchen, where brass and metallic accents bounce light off the radiant green backsplash and island. White countertops and cabinets play supporting roles so the star of the kitchen can shine.

bedroom with green and blue patterned walls

Don’t be afraid to play with different textures, patterns, and color combinations as we did in this Brother vs. Brother bedroom; we used a nature-inspired wallpaper and a palette of mossy greens, gold, and blue for the rest of the room.

green dining room with patterned rug

The green in this Property Brothers dining room might overwhelm a space on its own. But when paired with its favorite friends—wooden tones in the table and flooring, white in the chairs and windows—it will whet your appetite and encourage vibrant dinner conversation.

bathroom with blue-green tiled walls

This Brother vs. Brother bathroom proves that emerald is as timeless as it is opulent. Pair dark greens like this with black hues that emphasize dramatic shimmer, contrasted with breakthrough whites as in the paint on the walls and in the artwork shown here.

A Guide to Greens We’re Into Now

earthy green paint swatch


Olive, moss

Brown undertones make these greens grounding and easy to mix with other colors; they work well in textiles or ceramics.

soft green paint swatch



Muted and calming, these shades are a simple way to add organic color to your walls without oversaturating them.

classic green paint swatch


Hunter, racing

The everyday greens you know and love live well on larger, light-filled walls—or, if you’re saturation-shy, try them in accessories like a pendant light or side table.

poppy green paint swatch


Kelly, emerald

These vibrant shades make a statement in any space; we especially love using them in tiles and mixed with metallic hardware.

By Drew + Jonathan | Paint swatches by Getty Images | All other images courtesy of HGTV

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