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Leaf An Impression With Scott Living Wallpaper

Bring some of the outdoors indoors with a stylish botanical print.

Working from home? You might be jonesing for some extra nature in your life, so let us bring it to you with Scott Living botanical prints. (No watering required.)

Growing on Me

If it’s your first time dipping into a nature theme and you want to keep things casual and abstract, the Leandra print is the way to go. Splatters of paint mix with purposeful brush strokes to create a breezy floral pattern, well suited for livening up a laundry room or mudroom.

Poppy-In Anytime

For a more retro, midcentury feel, the Sorrel print has you covered. The minimalist design is made to look hand-sewn and creates both a welcoming and soothing atmosphere.  Available in a variety of greens and blues, it is perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms. 

Still-Life Style

Just because you’re decorating with flowers, though, doesn’t mean you can’t add some modern flair as well. The delicate line-art of the Ada print captures the beauty of the outdoors in an artistic sketch and can add warmth and maturity to a family room or home office.

If you want to keep expanding your botanical print collection, you can find more Scott Living traditional and self-adhesive wallpaper prints at Lowes.com.

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