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3 Rooms, 1 Look: Fix This Guest Room!

We asked three talented pros from Casaza.com, Drew and Jonathan’s design-inspiration platform, to imagine a new look for a reader’s least favorite space.

black and white guest bedroom before redesign

The Challenge

Living next to a lake in Minnesota, the Dillner family is used to hosting water-loving friends and fam year-round, but their guest room is lacking in the design department. “After a day on the lake, it would be nice to send guests back to a room we’re proud of,” says Ryan Dillner. Another issue? The room doesn’t have any storage—which is definitely a problem during winter visits. We tasked three talented designers on Casaza.com to digitally draw up a new look for this full-of-potential space. (All products available at casaza.com.)

Meet the Experts

martha and kate o'hara headshot

Martha & Kate O’Hara

The mother-daughter duo behind O’Hara Interiors is based in Austin and Minneapolis. They give any space a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

kiyonda powell headshot

Kiyonda Powell

With pattern play and creative use of color, Washington, D.C.–based Kiyonda’s signature designs are bold and boundary-pushing.

raquel montolio headshot

Raquel Montolio

A working designer who’s also studying interiors at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Raquel is all about practicality and functionality.

neutrals and burnt orange modern guest room redesign

Martha & Kate O’Hara

As their first order of business, the design duo swapped out the room’s king bed for a queen, to allow more space for storage and surfaces, such as bedside tables. A large dresser provides plenty of room for linens and sweaters, and matching chairs in rust velvet are perfect for a quiet morning coffee by the window.

“We pulled in some mid-century elements and combined them with rustic finishes, so it felt true to the rest of the home and its northern Minnesota location,” say Martha and Kate. They finished with soft, luxe touches, such as an embossed rug, to make sure guests feel a little coddled.

bright colored yellow guest bedroom with geometric designs

Kiyonda Powell

The centerpiece of Kiyonda’s eclectic-cool guest room design? The custom built-in shelves on the right wall. Not only do they provide space for clothes (there’s hanging storage just out of sight), they’re an opportunity to add personality: The Dillners can display plants, books, and art on the generous shelving space.

Next, Kiyonda updated the walls with a cheerful primary yellow. “I wanted to make sure the palette was bright and bold, to promote a happy mood for guests,” she explains. Then she added cozy touches like the layered rugs and rich window treatments. Finally, a colorful wall hanging above the bed provides a natural focal point, and diffused overhead light makes the space feel calm and visitor-ready.

“Treat your guest room as an opportunity to take some style risks! This is one room that can stand on its own and doesn’t have to match the rest of your home completely.”

guest bedroom redesign with graphic wall color and large rug

Raquel Montolio

To turn the unfinished room into a comfortable, well-designed oasis, Raquel chose a calming mix of blue, white, and gray in mid-century silhouettes. “Since storage and functionality are important to the family, I wanted first to make sure there was plenty of space to stash clothes and blankets, then I added in some playful touches, like the modern mural,” says the designer.

A cozy side chair and velvet twin stools allow for extra seating without overcrowding the room, and metallic touches add sophistication to the rustic-cool vibe of the beamed ceiling and wood finishes. Now the only thing missing is the guests!

Shop the Looks

Get a little help for your least favorite room. Email casaza@revealmagazine.com and submit a photo for a chance to have our designers give it a digital redo!

Renderings by Michael Panov | Product images courtesy of Casaza | Martha & Kate O’Hara headshot by Erica Loeks Photography | Kiyonda Powell headshot by R.Dione Foto | Raquel Montolio headshot by Raquel Montolio

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