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At Home With Jenny Mollen

The actress, author, and one half of an adorable couple (with husband Jason Biggs) chills in her favorite room in the house.

jenny mollen home portrait with numbers

You’d never know it from looking at her sleek Manhattan living room, but Jenny Mollen isn’t a natural when it comes to interior design. “I love furniture and I love art, but I don’t like decorating,” says the author, whose first novel, City of Likes, is out this month. “I don’t have the eye to put it all together, and I tend to second-guess myself.”

So she leans on friends like Ohio designer Jennifer Harrison, who sourced the room’s statement-making vintage pieces—especially helpful as Mollen and her husband, actor Jason Biggs, moved into their home the night Lazlo, the couple’s second son, was born. “I was emailing Jen from the hospital saying, ‘You’ve got to fly out to New York and hang curtains for me!’ ” she recalls.

Custom pieces, such as the dining room table made by her brother-in-law, oversized artwork, and secondhand finds make for a striking setting. “Every time Jason walks in, he’s like, ‘You’re so ’70s!’ ” says Mollen. “I wanted it to feel Italian-modern. I was aiming for hip, super-unique, super-colorful, and very bespoke.” Done!

1. “The vintage lighting came from our L.A. house, which was designed by Cliff Fong.”

2. “I come from L.A., where I had tons of wall space, and the problem is that I don’t know how to buy small art. I keep buying as if I live in a home with gigantic walls!”

3. “The coffee table has a bumper around it right now, so it’s killed the beauty of it, but I have two boys…”

4. “The couch is vintage from Main St. Modern in Ohio. Jen found it for me for, like, 300 bucks, and Beving & Dall covered it for me.”

5. “I wanted to hold on to a piece of that California casualness, so that’s kind of why we stuck with a Moroccan rug for the main room.”

By Laura Morgan | Photograph by Reid Rolls

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Drew & Jonathan’s home and lifestyle magazine.

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