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We’re all about bringing people together.

We all have a story to share. Our designs create the spaces and places that encourage everyone to enjoy each other’s company.

A spacious bedroom with the view of bed, chandelier, plant, and two chairs.

Home is the place we know best

We reach millions of fans every day through our shows Property Brothers: Forever Home, Brother Vs. Brother and Celebrity IOU. With an equal commitment to doing good work and having fun, we find the right design solutions for any home.

We bring that same dedication to our Drew & Jonathan home furnishings collections. You’re looking for dependable, stylish upgrades to your home that fit your tastes and needs, so we’ve created pieces that fit beautifully and hold up over time. Nothing is more important than family, and nothing brings family together like home.

A grayish green sofa chair with velvet texture.



Our design centers on what matters most: family and the bonds we build with loved ones. Our products are made with the complete family lifestyle in mind, including durability, safety and environment.


Quality means the product has a purpose. That purpose comes through clever design, intuitive details, and dependable materials, all of which make our lives easier and create a greater connection to our surroundings.


We are welcomed daily into people’s lives because they rely on our advice to make their homes better for their families. We don’t take that responsibility lightly, and we’re committed to ensuring their trust is well-placed in us.

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