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Introducing Our New Scott Living At Kohl’s Collections

Are you ready to give your home some brotherly love? Well head on over to your nearest Kohl’s store. That’s right! As of today, our full Scott Living at Kohl’s line is available in stores and at Kohls.com

This exclusive new line includes two distinct collections, Oasis and Luxe, both of which feature modern home basics and décor, including furniture, bedding and bath, kitchen décor, and more. The Oasis collection leans into natural, earthy tones with hits of metallics to create a light, fresh, relaxing look. Luxe, on the other hand, is a more modern, sophisticated collection that harmonizes both playful and luxurious elements, and features experimental textures and color combinations, too.

We worked on both collections together—no use trying to guess who designed what!—but we wanted to create to different looks that could still be easily mixed. So go ahead, get crazy! The whole point of your home is to make it exactly that—yours. And that means selecting colors, patterns, and furniture that reflects your unique style. 

Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite tips to consider when decorating your home. Take a look, and then check out the entire collection at kohls.com/scottliving.



“You know how sometimes it feels like a room is missing that certain something that you just can’t put your finger on? Try an area rug. They’re perfect for defining a space and bringing everything together. Art for your floor!” — Drew



“I love playing with patterns to create depth and personality in any space—they’re a great way to breathe life into a room. I love a patterned accent (or three) in the bedroom. Get funky by going with slightly different looks for your comforter, rug, and pillows, it’s way more fun than being matchy-matchy.”

— Jonathan



“You can really elevate a look with a few strategic pops of color. I love a bold, jewel tone accent, especially this time of year—their richness makes them stand out, but their warmth and tone are also grounding.” — Drew



“I love being ready for an impromptu get together. (Game night? I’ll host!) One of my favorite ways to ensure my place is always up for company is by making sure it’s full of cozy touches. A few scented candles, some extra pillows, and a selection of throw blankets make guests feel at home.”
— Jonathan

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