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11 Best Travel Neck Pillows for 2023

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Whether your next trip is an international flight, a short nonstop ride, or even just a few hours in the car, you’ll want to be comfortable. And while you can’t control the people who sit next to you on the plane, how much time you’ll have on your layover, or how many traffic jams you’ll encounter, you can make the experience a little more pleasant with one of the best travel neck pillows.

A travel pillow may help you snag some well-deserved shut eye or a reprieve from pain or uncomfortable headrests. The best travel pillow for you depends on your needs—if you’re camping or backpacking upon arriving at your destination, you might want to opt for a more traditional pillow. However, if you’re going to be in the middle seat on a sold-out flight, you may want something that’s packable and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Whichever one you choose from these 11 highly rated options, they’re sure to make for a considerably more positive travel experience. Check them out below:


Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Neck Pillow



This pillow has a few unique attributes that make it perfect for an airplane; but the most obvious one is its strap. You can attach the strap around any chair or headrest to keep it comfortable and stable as you sleep. Additionally, the microfiber is breathable and cooling, and it also has a chin strap to help support those who sleep with their head forward. Another perk for the flier: It folds down to half the size into its included carrying case, and the case itself is made to fit snugly around suitcase handles.


Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow



This machine-washable pillow has a soft microfiber inside and a cozy microsuede outside, which will make camping or backpacking much more pleasant. It compresses down to half its size and has a waterproof sack for storage. And at 12-by-16-inches, it’s small enough to take anywhere.


EverSnug Travel Pillow



If you’re someone who gets cold on flights or in hotels, try out a pillow and blanket travel pillow hybrid—meaning the pillow turns into a full blanket when you take it out of its soft microfiber plush cover. It’s versatile and comfortable.


Trtl Travel Pillow



One of our writers used the Trtl on an 11-hour flight to Hawaii and slept the whole time. And unlike other neck pillows, this one packs completely flat (plus, it only weighs as much as an apple). The secret to its comfort lies in its inner support system, which keeps your neck from becoming stiff and uncomfortable during sleep; but its plush material wraps around your neck like a loose scarf and is comfortable to wear.


Dot & Dot Travel Pillow



This travel pillow is bendable and shaped like a log, making it great for car rides because you can use it in a number of ways: You can try it as a lumbar pillow if your back starts to hurt; twist one side up to use as a resting spot against a window; or wear it around your neck. While it may be a bit bulky to take on a plane, it’s the perfect accessory for a road trip.


Huzi Infinity Pillow



This unique infinity travel pillow offers 360-degrees of comfort while remaining soft and breathable, thanks to the bamboo fabric. It’s also supposed to feel like a traditional pillow, as it’s layered with microfiber material that’s incredibly comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. The Huzi also has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, with one reviewer writing: “It is similar to an infinity scarf except with soft pillow filling…I wore it around my neck during connecting flights and it also can roll up and be put in a carry on. Now that I’m home, I am using it for watching TV and neck support in bed.”


HappyLuxe Odyssey Travel Pillow



The designer of this luxuriously soft travel pillow was a pilot for a major airline before she invented this—which means you can trust that it’s just what you need. If you’ve tried more traditional neck pillows and find they don’t work, try out this hypoallergenic, biodegradable option that’s made from Tencel fibers and stuffed with faux down. It’s machine-washable, too.


World’s Best Microfiber Travel Pillow



This no-frills option is perfect if you’re looking for a solid, reliable, and budget-friendly pick. The soft fleece pillow cover and cushiony fiber insides are hypoallergenic and will provide a respite from hard headrests. The whole thing is machine-washable (not just the cover), it’s made and packaged with recycled materials, and it’s manufactured in Texas.


Tempur-Pedic All-Purpose Memory Foam Pillow



This travel pillow from Tempur-Pedic has a unique peanut shape that allows it to be used as lumbar, knee, and neck support. It’s made from the same materials as their famous mattresses and five-star reviewers on Amazon note that it feels like “heaven.” Its cover is machine-washable, too.


Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Pillow



This Trekology pillow is great for camping, van life, and more as it’s inflatable, weighs less than a soda can, and compresses down to almost nothing. There’s a latch strap and rubber dots on the bottom to keep it from slipping around as you sleep, and it also inflates in three to five breaths.


BCOZZY Travel Pillow



This colorful pillow has a custom-made Velcro clasp that keeps your kid’s neck from falling forward as they sleep, meaning they won’t wake up from their car nap grumpier than they were when they drifted off. It comes in lots of fun patterns they’ll love to carry around with their suitcase, and its breathable cover is made of microsuede and microfiber.

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