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7 Best Wood Floor Cleaners to Get Them Sparkling Again

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Hardwood floors are gorgeous, durable, and timeless. However, they do need frequent TLC in order to keep them sparkling. You can really see the difference when you maintain your floor well vs. when it looks a bit dull. To keep them looking their best, you’ll of course need to sweep or vacuum often. But to maintain wood flooring for the long haul, you should use a wood-safe floor cleaner at least once a month. Whether you use a vacuum mop, a regular mop, or hand-wash your floors, the most important thing is that the cleaner you’re using is safe for your flooring. That’s why we’ve compiled the best wood floor cleaners to get the job started.

Most wood floor cleaners work best on sealed hardwood, which the majority of wood floors usually are. If you’re unsure, you can drip some water on the floor—if the water is absorbed, the floor is unsealed; if it beads right on the surface, you’re good to go. We’ve included two types of cleaners on this list: concentrates that should be diluted, and sprays for easy spot cleaning. Spot cleaning wood is a great way to remove things like pet messes or sticky stains immediately without having to bust out the mop. Concentrates, however, are a fantastic option for full-room cleanings. Now, let’s get your hardwood floors looking great for a long time to come!


Best Overall System

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop



Bona has some the best wood floor cleaners on the market. And it’s a well-regarded brand for a reason. The cleaners work great, but they’re also gentle. Not only will the concentrate clean your floors, but it also protects from discoloration and damage. Plus, it’s safe for any and all unwaxed, unoiled, sealed wood floors. And because it’s made with plant-derived ingredients and is Safer-Choice Certified, its also safer for people and pets. This system comes with a spray mop complete with a microfiber head that makes quick work of cleaning floors. 


Best Spot Cleaner

Murphy Oil Multi-Use Wood Cleaner Spray with Orange Oil



When you don’t have the time to clean the whole living room floor but want to get rid of some grime, build-up, or dirt, this Murphy Oil spray will come in handy. Murphy Oil cleaners use orange oil and vegetable oil to gently lift stains from hardwood floors. And because of its citrus scent, it’ll make the house smell great, too. The spray is dye-free and 99% naturally derived.


Best With a Mop

Aunt Fannie’s Plant-Based Concentrated Hardwood Floor Cleaner



Hardwood floor cleaning concentrates are a great option for those planning to clean their floors frequently. Because you dilute the cleaner to use it, the bottle will last for a long time. This can save you lots of money in the long run. This natural solution from Aunt Fannie features a bright lemon essential oil, and has even been tested by dermatologists and deemed hypoallergenic. It’s safe for all types of hard floors in addition to wood, so you can even use it on the bathroom tile.


Best Clean and Polish Set

Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish Restorer Combo



For those deep spring cleaning sessions, you want your hardwood floors to sparkle and shine. That’s where this duo comes in. The citrus cleaner won’t leave any residue, either. So as soon as you’re finished mopping, you can quickly and easily finish the job using the polish. It’s a great option for high-trafficked floors, as it will fill in scratches and also leave behind a protective layer to prevent future damage. It’s safe to use on both finished hardwood and engineered hardwood.


Best Scented Option

Method Squirt + Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner



Another popular brand for all types of cleaners is Method, and one of the reasons why is because of its large range of beautiful scents. Tired of the same old wood floor cleaner citrus scent? This squirt and mop wood cleaner is a fabulous option. This cleaner features a rich, nutty, and sweet almond fragrance. The 25-ounce bottle has a pull cap at the top so users can easily apply it directly to the floor and use a microfiber spray mop or a regular mop to clean it right up, no rinsing required.


Best for Pet Owners

Nature’s Miracle Dual-Action Hard Floor Cleaner



If you have pets, you know that random accidents are a fair trade-off for a lifetime of snuggles—but sometimes, those odors can linger. This spot cleaner is perfect to eliminate those tough pet messes. It uses a bio-enzymatic formula to protect sealed wood floors and other hard floors. And it’ll remove deep-set stains and odors, all while it deodorizes and deep cleans.


Best Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner

Better Life Multipurpose Liquid Floor Cleaner



This Better Life liquid cleaner smells like citrus mint and is great for those who have multiple hard floors they want to clean. It’ll work on sealed hardwood, tile, marble, laminate, and more. It’s also free of synthetic fragrance, dyes, chlorine, bleach, or added alcohols. Instead, it features plant-derived ingredients to make the cleaner both gentle and effective.

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