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How to Look Stylish in Every Climate

The brothers’ stylist reveals how to look good in every climate.

Stylist Charlotte Jenkins helps Jonathan look good, feel good.

For Drew and Jonathan, a new season of a show means a new city to play in—and a new batch of clothes to wear. Well, sort of. “We’re always building and adding on to their wardrobes,” says their longtime stylist, Charlotte Jenkins. With each new project, she freshens up the brothers’ closets with pieces that work with the particular climate they’re shooting in. Here are her insider tips for dressing them successfully everywhere from California to Calgary.

The city: Calgary, Alberta

The show: Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch 

The wardrobe: At Home on the Ranch played homage to the brothers’ Western upbringing and brought them back to their roots with their family and friends in Alberta. Their wardrobe felt very organic—it was essentially what they would wear “at home on the ranch” and outdoors in the Canadian outback.

“We went Western with classics denim outfits: great jeans, denim shirts, and denim jackets,” Charlotte says. “The secret is to wear jeans with 2% Lycra so they can still work around the house and ride horses afterward. Their favorite stretch denim is the Paige Federal—they look modern and masculine but are so soft and comfortable!”

The brothers paired their comfy denim with Canadian plaid shirts, rugged leather boots, belts, and henley tees for layering. “We even had multiple cowboy hats appearances!” Charlotte notes.

The city: Nashville, Tennessee

The show: Property Brothers, Season 12

The wardrobe: Thanks to the music, the Southern culture, and the amazing food, Nashville was one of Drew and Jonathan’s favorite locations to shoot. But they didn’t love the unexpected sweltering heat.

“I got an emergency call from the guys—they were sweating in their wardrobe from the previous season, which was in Toronto,” Charlotte says. “We aimed for slightly edgy summer styles, including tees and short-sleeved shirts with a bit of a rock ’n’ roll vibe. We loved pairing John Varvatos band T-shirts with light jackets and button-up shirts. Denim and boots were a staple again this season, but we also worked in lighter-weight chinos and leather sneakers when we needed a more polished look.”

The city: Toronto, Ontario

The show: Buying & Selling, Season 7 

The wardrobe: Drew and Jonathan always seem to be filming in Canada during the coldest months. The winter of 2017 was particularly frigid, and they needed to layer up while still looking stylish.

“We tailored thermal long johns and undershirts to fit under their show wardrobe,” Charlotte explains. “Drew even has electric thermals with battery packs! We layered sweaters under Drew’s suits and blazers, and long-sleeved henleys under Jonathan’s flannel shirts.”

Both brothers love their Canada Goose jackets, and Charlotte has figured out to make them work: “Whenever Drew needs to wear a dressier coat on filming days, he layers a thin down jacket or vest under his dress coat for extra warmth!”

The city: Los Angeles

The show: Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House 

The wardrobe: Drew’s Honeymoon House marked the first time Charlotte got to style Linda, and their “homework” involved a girls’ weekend in NYC with stops at countless showrooms and boutiques.

“Linda’s vibe for the show was feminine, flirty, and fun—just like her personality!” Charlotte says. “We worked in prints, lots of color, and on-trend items with a laid-back West Coast feel. There were so many fun dresses we featured, and my favorite look was the vintage-inspired terra cotta ruffle top and patent heel combo she wore when showing off the house.”

As for Drew? “We did lots of fun, summer-casual looks, including bright-colored tees, printed polos, lightweight knits, and cool short-sleeved shirts with fun prints like sunglasses and flamingos.”

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