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Style Setters: Meet Charlotte Jenkins

The Toronto-based fashion buyer is a longtime wardrobe stylist for Drew and Jonathan.

En vogue: Stylist Charlotte Jenkins

After studying fashion applied arts and technology in college, Charlotte Jenkins spent a decade immersing herself in the wholesale clothing world for big-time men’s brands like Ben Sherman and Phat Farm. She eventually transitioned into a marketing role at Gotstyle, an edgy menswear retailer with two locations in Toronto, where she produced fashion events and shows. Shortly after becoming a buyer for both Gotstyle stores—a demanding role that involves attending trade shows and staying on top of men’s and women’s style trends—two familiar faces fashionably stepped in.

How did you first get connected with Drew and Jonathan?

When I started at Gotstyle in 2010, the store was sponsoring Season 1 of Property Brothers, which was shooting at that time. We were the first stylists the brothers had ever worked with, and we did the entire first season. We thought they were nice guys, so why not? What’s the worst that could happen?

Drew and Jonathan during the first season of Property Brothers

Clearly, that worked out. And you stayed in touch?

Yes, especially for events around Toronto. Then they booked me for an editorial photo shoot in 2013 or 2014. They wanted to look masculine, fresh, fashion-forward, slick, cool—more than “the suit and tie guy” and “the plaid shirt guy.” I put them in floral shirts, crisp whites, and solid colors, and we shot outside in a garden, not in front of brickwork. I thought we did a great job, but I had no idea what they thought. Turns out, they actually still use those photos!

How do you go about working with them for their shows?

Every season, we figure out where they’re filming, what it’s like climate-wise, and then I’ll shop for their show wardrobe. We’ll do a fitting where they approve things, they tell me what they don’t like, and they try new things. Then I tailor everything, label everything, and send it to wherever they’re filming.

We’re always building and adding on to their wardrobe. We have clothes that carry over—they’re not wasteful, they don’t dump their whole wardrobe and get a new one for the next season. We reuse some stuff, depending on where they’re going and what they’re doing. We have to freshen up for climate more than anything.

And I don’t work with them on set every day! They’re smart; they can dress themselves. They know that everything in their closet is tailored and fits them and has been selected for a reason.

What are some of the biggest events you’ve dressed them for?

I’ve dressed them for ad campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, TIFF red carpets, the Producers Ball, their It Takes Two book cover, and the Emmys [in 2014]. “That” photo of Jonathan was everywhere after the Emmys.

Any other notable projects you’ve worked on with Drew and Jonathan?

A few years ago, they decided they didn’t love their “off-duty” clothes. Jonathan asked me to clean out his closet and start fresh. All he had was plaid shirts! He wanted cooler stuff, since he’s a little more stylish in personal life [than on TV]. Drew did too! That’s when I started working with them on a personal level instead of just the shows. They’re recognized when they’re at the grocery store, so they want to look nice. I gave them a sort of personal brand makeover. They had a really clear idea of how they wanted to look—they just don’t have any time to shop! So I executed their vision (and Linda was very helpful as well)!

How would you describe the brothers’ respective styles?

They have very different interests, and they wanted to show their personalities through their clothing a bit more. I’d describe Jonathan’s casual look as cool, edgy, kinda rock ’n’ roll, kinda funky, and super masculine. He does a lot of cool jeans, leather jackets, rock ’n’ roll tees or henleys, boots, button-ups that aren’t plaid, and nothing that’s too flashy or bright. For appearances, he loves cool shirts with a vest (or a three-piece suit for something fancy), in subdued colors, with no tie.

Drew’s everyday look is a little more trendy and sporty. He spends a lot of his free time at the gym, so he’s into cool sweatpants and zip-ups, tailored sweats to wear out of the house, and sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. For appearances, now he’s a little more relaxed and casual. So we’ll do softer jersey knit blazers paired with chinos or jeans, with a nice tee underneath, thin knit. Or a dress shirt with no tie.

Were you involved with Drew’s wedding attire?

The Gotstyle team worked with closely with Drew and Linda on all aspects of Drew’s wedding wardrobe. For the big day, I consulted on his Scottish kilt ceremony outfit, which was a new and fun experience—I had never worked with traditional Scottish formal attire before and got to learn all the proper lingo. As our gift to Drew, Gotstyle designed and custom made his emerald green tuxedo and printed shirt for the wedding reception. We accessorized the look from head to toe with formal accessories, down to his socks!

We also planned a couple evening looks for the rehearsal dinner and welcome party, along with casual daytime looks. Drew was very zen about the whole thing—but I think I stressed enough for the two of us while ensuring everything got tailored properly, shoes got ordered, looks were accessorized, and everything was shipped to Italy in time.

Some of my favorite memories of the wedding planning were working with Drew and Linda’s parents on their formal outfits. I especially loved taking Linda’s parents shopping in Toronto for suits and cocktail dresses, and working with Drew’s parents in Banff via Fedex and email. In the end, both sets of parents looked incredible and were so gracious, appreciative, and happy. It was a proud personal and professional moment for me.

Linda and Drew hit the dance floor at their wedding

What do you do when you’re not working with Drew and Jonathan or Gotstyle?

I’m a mom of two! I have a newborn, Hunter, and my daughter, Lily, turned 3 in July. Lily is already an industry veteran! She’s been coming to designer showroom appointments and doing personal shopping with me since she was a baby.

Follow Charlotte’s stylish adventures on Instagram.

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