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How Wallpaper Makes A Big Impact in Small Spaces

Needing a fall pick-me-up that doesn’t smell like pumpkin spice? Refreshing small spaces with vibrant wallpaper prints can do just the trick. Check out a few ideas we’ve gathered using our Scott Living prints.

A Big First Impression

Want to brighten up an entryway or hallway? Wallpaper and accent furniture are perfect partners in bringing new energy to connecting areas in a home. Turn an afterthought into a highlight in no time at all.

Look, A Nook

Wallpaper is a great way to indicate that a small space is set aside for a particular purpose. In this case, a comfy reading nook or window seat says, “I’m here to help you relax. Grab a blanket, maybe make some tea. Who’s in a hurry? Not you.”

Photo credit: Eton Leith

Not-Boring Storage

Using wallpaper as a backdrop to curated bookshelves can make those family photos stand out and tie together a space at the same time. It feels even better when you’re using the rest of a roll from a complementary project. Saving money and looking good at the same time: the perfect combination.

Photo Credit: Catamount Builders

Powder Room? Power Room!

We love catching someone by surprise with a stunning powder room or guest bathroom, and there’s no better way to turn up the drama than well-placed wallpaper. Who could blame you for spending too long in there?

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