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Pet Project: Catnap TV

Looking for new and inventive ways to obsess over your pet? Don’t change that channel! Finnish blogger Pauliina Pitkänen upcycled a mid-century TV cabinet into a cozy and colorful feline napping zone.

cat sitting in tv in living room with plants with numbers

“Both my cats love this bed so much that it’s often a race to see who gets to it first!”

—Pauliina Pitkänen

1. To empty out the TV, Pauliina opened it from the back and removed all the old electrical and the glass screen.

2. Pauliina decked out the TV “walls” with the same wallpaper (Flora by Boråstapeter) that she has in her own bedroom.

3. Follow Pauliina’s British shorthair, Kaapo, on Instagram (@Kaapothecatxx).

4. Fun fact: TVs used to be beautifully crafted furniture! This cabinet has rolling doors that would hide the screen when not in use; now they offer the kitties some solitude when guests come over.

“This is one of the coolest upcycles I’ve ever laid eyes on! Next time I see a vintage television set, I am going to pounce on that purchase for one of my feline-loving friends.”


By Hannah Baker | Photography courtesy of @Vintageinteriorxx

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